Lesson Plan—Faces

I touched on our schedule here, and part of that includes a “school time”. I named it this mostly for Tuesday, as we are an always learning kind of family (I like to think). We have been starting with a story, sitting on pillows, and then really she can do what ever activities she likes. I have set out many Montessori type activities (I’m not trained or anything, I just like a lot of those activities). I also have projects we can work on if she chooses. I like the idea that for this set amount of time (about an hour and a half three mornings a week) I am totally focused on Tuesday, so often I’m trying to “get stuff done”. One activity I came up with a while ago and had already all planned out was a face activity. Tuesday loves for us to draw circles so she can fill in the faces so that’s where my jumping off point was.

Of course it’s always special when you get to use mama’s pens (my zigs whose smaller end has run out of juice get put in her supply cupboard). Tuesday always draws 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a forehead (of course).

I had a couple of bodies drawn for her to decorate.

Then I gave her a bunch of circles that I had precut out of scraps (with this). I gave her a mini Boden catalog and showed her that she could replace the faces in it with her own. She did a few, but then was more excited about using the glue stick so I just went with it. A pretty good project, she seemed to have fun with it, and it lasted about 25 minutes. Now to show you it’s not all roses…

The activity was to scoop with a ladle into the jar, which she did and then went crazy feeling and experiencing the foam ball things (found in the floral section of an arts and crafts store). I’m totally down with her doing what ever she wants (as long as it’s not dangerous), but we do have to rule to put something away before you do the next thing. The next thing after this was lunch. Let’s just say we ate pretty late. And there were tears.
Tuesday is 34 months.

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  1. Fun activities! Even at 8, Clara loves it when I let her use “my” scrapbooking stuff instead of just the things I’ve laid aside for her 😉

  2. I will definitely have to bring out the BIG tablet when she visits tomorrow! Between that and putting “stickers” on packages I should be able to keep her plenty busy!

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