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I was going to do one of those catch up posts, but am still too busy! I think it’ll be easier to tackle little projects I’ve been working. Basically Tuesday was sick, then the in-laws were here, and Thanksgiving and shopping, and trying to finish an advent, and well now all the sudden it’s almost December! So here is a project I just worked on. I talked a dear friend of mine into letting me host a baby shower for her. She didn’t think it was important as it was her third baby, but since her second “baby” is eight she does need cute baby things so eventually I talked her into it ๐Ÿ™‚ Sarah came over to help me put these together and I just love how they turned out.

They were inspired by Susan’s card from the Studio Calico kit this month.

I found the wording for the back here and then just printed it two up on an 8.5×11 sheet, cut it and rounded the corners. Glued down it covered all the stitching from the front.

I wanted to show you how I cut out the hearts. I’m not sure where I got the original heart image, it just happened to be the shape I liked best. If you have shapes you repeatedly use (hearts, stars, circles, etc.), I wanted to share this tip. I have a couple of set sizes of hearts that I like, this is the one I use most commonly (1 3/8″ wide x 1 1/8″ tall). I have taken to saving just about every layout before/after I cut so that if something mis-fires or I want to use it again I have it. So I made up a file with just hearts (here I fit 72 on a 8.5 x 12 piece of paper). When ever I have extra space on a piece of paper I’m cutting I usually fill it with hearts or stars (I have boxes for these cut outs in my scrap area). When I pull a heart from this saved file (or a row, or how ever many I have room for) I know they will all be the same size. It’s great for repetition. I hope that was pretty clear. Basically I use this file as a set size, like I would a paper punch.

Since I do have so many hearts cut out I made the guest of honor matching thank you notes. My aunt did this for my cousin’s baby shower and I thought it was so sweet. Then I got to thinking…

Holiday thank you notes!

Thank you notes on kraft cards! The only thing really stopping me from breaking out stars, snowflakes and circles, along with other sentiments right now are these darn advent projects! Yikes! And for the strings on the thank you notes I’ll probably just leave them. I do have one pretty picky relative whose card I’ll probably tie in the back, but I think most people won’t mind. So get out your punch or die cutting machine and go nuts with Susan’s great idea. I just love it!
And if anyone has any great ideas on how to make the “big” sister (age eight) feel super special at the shower, let me know. Or fun games that could involve her, etc.

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  1. i know i’m biased since i helped, but i LOVE how these turned out!
    the only baby shower game i know is getting jarred baby food (gag), number them + record the flavor. then remove the label and guests have to smell (or taste!) them to guess the flavors. it’s quite gross!

  2. I know where you are coming from, this is a busy time of year. I hope Tuesday is feeling better. These cards are absolutely so sweet and adorable! You are very talented! You can tell they were made with such love and thought. And the holiday thank you notes are a great idea. You should make these to sell. I would totally buy from you.

  3. I also love those cards! I’m partial to sewing when it comes to cards anyway… but these are way more fabulous than anything I’ve ever done. Yes make more! Sell them! Don’t bother tying the ends down. I like it just the way they are.

  4. You are too sweet Amber! Those cards are adorable. The sewing is perfect, and I vote you make note cards to sell!!
    Clara requested playing baby bingo, but she didn’t exactly explain it very well. I’ll get more details from her after school. I figure she’ll just be my helper with everything.
    And you’re right, every baby needs a little celebration, so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Those are so cute & such a great idea! At the baby shower for my cousin’s fourth child, the big sister got to open all of the babies gifts after her momma opened the cards. She loved it. I also think it would be cute to have a special “big sister” t-shirt or button, or a fun crown for her to wear. Have fun!

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