We’re only through family celebration one of three, so you can see why I’m loving to linger over Christmas lights a little longer.

I love the tree this year, and because we didn’t get it decorated until the 21st I want to keep it up a lot longer. Sciarrino gifted me some beautiful vintage ornaments that make my tree just glow this year. We had a very late start Christmas morning as some one woke up feeling a little under the weather (I have a feeling it was too much of her cousin’s wonderful fudge the night before). It was lazy and relaxed and I loved it.

I was totally right about this 2008 Thomas catalog being one of her favorite things ($4 on Amazon Marketplace). She’s toted it around and told me countless stories about them all. Bj and I have entertained ourselves plenty building elaborate train sets. As I said we have more celebrations upcoming. And I can’t wait to get started on my Project Life album. I’ll be popping in now and then until mid-January. Then hopefully I’ll get myself back on a schedule.

Much more merry to you all!

4 Replies to “Lingering”

  1. merry (belated) christmas! 🙂

  2. where did you find that charlie brown tree? So vintage looking! I love that her favorite thing was a toy catalog for 4 dollars. It should be a lesson to us all!

  3. We had a bit of a rough time at the tree farm, Tuesday falling in the mud minutes into the trip. So I made the executive decision to pick one of the pre-cut trees. This was my favorite! I love all the space for ornaments!

  4. My daughter would love this Thomas catalog. She is a huge Thomas fan these days. Happy New year!!!

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