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Tuesday, Bj and I got out the glitter baby! We assisted our glue loving daughter in her Valentine’s making. It was pretty dang cute.

(side note; so glad I stocked up on eight cent bottles of glitter glue this summer!). She had us write cute things inside. One of them, “star, I love you.” to a boy named Ewan. So random. Or “you’re sweet, smiley face.” We were trying not to blatantly laugh at her, but it was hard. I mean the cute! I let Tuesday pick out some shapes and we put a sheet of pink vinyl through my Silhouette so she could have some custom stickers. In case you were wondering we got schooled on this shape. It is NOT a Brachiosaurus (what she had me write in the card). It was an Apatosaurus (because you know, the Brontosaurus does not exist anymore, “That’s from before they knew they were Apatosaurus.”). Man, smart four year olds can be hard to keep up with (and pretty freaking adorable).

Oh, and she also wanted mustaches.
For a holiday that Bj and I have never really celebrated, I’m kind of digging it now. Today? Heart crafts!

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