Quick painting project

I found this link via Pinterest, and thought it sounded fun. I’ve used watercolor masks, but rubber cement was a quick and easy alternative.

When I was up in Alaska I drove Tuesday and I out in the snow one day, and of course got lost. I ended up at a Michael’s though so it wasn’t all bad 🙂 I decided to pick up cheap watercolors, some watercolor paper, and the rubber cement. I tried to let Tuesday dribble the cement, but it wasn’t that easy for her, so I did most of it. I’ll admit this wasn’t a huge hit. Or I should say it wasn’t a bigger hit than painting. She loves painting, and when the dried rubber cement is on the paper (it takes a while to dry FYI), it doesn’t seem that different. When we got home I used a rubber cement eraser to remove the paint over those areas. It worked pretty well, even over the thicker areas.

I think I’ll try this again at home with the liquid water colors I picked up a while ago that we have yet to use.

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