Have you made DIY play dough yet?

Because it’s so easy and awesome! I think I’ve mentioned it before that I made some with Tuesday a while ago (months ago actually, and it’s still good, in it’s airtight container). There are tons of recipes on Pinterest, but I like this one. I haven’t actually made the dyes, but I do still dye the water and then add it to the play dough. The nice thing about doing it that way is letting Tuesday make the colored water (we use regular, gel, and neon food colors for crafts).

This is the most wonderfully soft lovely dough. I feel so silly for buying dough before, that’s how dead easy this is. Basically mix everything together and heat on the stove, continuously stirring. There is flour on their pans because you knead it in flour a bit after it comes out of the pan.

Also fun? Hiding things in the dough for them to find!

Ohh how many little stones are in here?
I love that I don’t have to worry if Tuesday dries it out or mixes it up or gets stuff in it. It’s cheap and easy to make more, so try it!

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