Melt for you

We did this super easy project on Valentine’s day. Crayons – wrappers + silicone mold + 10 minutes @ 250 degrees (give or take) = heart crayons!

For the first round I had her keep colors similar, then let her go nuts once I realized they don’t blend too much.

Old glitter crayons (from my way back stash) were a big hit.

If you do this use Carmen’s tip and soak the crayons to take off the wrappers, way easier.


5 Replies to “Melt for you”

  1. What a great and easy project for little ones!! These are beautiful!

  2. the hearts are so adorable! these would make a great gift!

  3. i kind of want to make some – so fun!

  4. Love these!
    We did it once back during the summer…love the idea to soak them to get the wrappers off…that was a pain!!

  5. Wow! This is an awesome idea! As usual the picture are beautiful.

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