Tuesday’s Room

It’s been a while since I’ve shown Tuesday’s room. I never really did finish her “nursery” I had a kind of space theme in mind, but quickly realized that themes don’t really work that well for me. We finally moved her crib out and just put the mattress on the floor. Its been, interesting. Tuesday didn’t want to get rid of the crib, but has to pee every night no matter what, and it was so silly to go lift her out of the crib, when she could easily take herself.

So this is her room now (that big purple thing is a bean bag we read on).

I think we have to get a bigger bed… let’s just say her and I don’t fit too well on that crib mattress together. The little basket holds hankies. I should have thought of that before, as she was going through tissues like crazy. Oh, see that darling pillow?

It was a swap from my quilt guild. Bianca made it for me from some of my favorite scraps. Per our rules she was allowed to add one fabric. We missed each other at a couple of meetings so she sent it to me, along with a bracelet from her company, Urban Creatures (made from recycled tees!). She also sent me the extra material. After I saw the preview of this pillow in December I knew it had to go in Tuesday’s room, and I want to make a matching banner for over her bed. That has yet to be done, but we did get a lot of other things done in the room, like putting together the big EXPEDIT shelving unit from Ikea.

I would say if Tuesday had to pick one kind of toy to play with it would be books, and we’ve collected a lot of them for her! I should do a post on how I find great deals on books, and will if you’re interested. I really want to put some funky knobs on the drawers, but haven’t gotten to it. I just moved the old dresser to the closet (and took “paint dresser” off my list!):

My grandfather made it and I’ll probably paint it someday (the top I started to paint in high school). The shelf is a bit disorganized. I have more than a hundred book jackets up there, because Tuesday is not a fan and I feel weird throwing them away…

This chair (which rocks and reclines) is still in use, but not as much. I prefer laying next to her and patting her back to get her to sleep, vs. having her try to crawl all over me to get “comfy cozy”.
I like her room, it works much better now. I was thinking that she would have quiet play time in here instead of a nap (which she’s growing out of), but that hasn’t really happened much yet. I think she needs to be bigger, but I would love some kind of loft bed with a desk or something under it. She has that high window (it has a blackout curtain in it now) and I think it would be a cool hideout up there. I just want to keep the room working for her, and us. Hopefully someday we won’t have to spend hours in there at night, but that’s the way it is for now!

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  1. I love her room! I like that it’s not overtly girlie. My son’s room is in dire need of a makeover and this gives me some great ideas. Ps – we had bean bags when I was a kid and loved them!

  2. Tuesday’s room is so cute! Love the wall color. It’s very clean and fresh. I know what you mean, we have to get Charlotte in a “big girl” bed soon. I think she will still want to sleep with us though. Oh, and the pretty pillow with the bunting is so adorable! The shelving unit is great too!

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