Seven Years

I really can’t believe today I’ve been blogging for seven years… SEVEN. That is just… I don’t know, crazy? And cool, and weird that I’ve put that much of my life on the internet. I still need to go back and fix a lot of errors from the transfer over to wordpress last year, but my first entry is here.
I love that all my friends and family thought I was super creative just to come up with a blog at all. It was years before I could say I had a blog and people would know what that was without explanation. And now it seems there are so many! There is so much wonderful creative energy all around and I love it. I admit I read more blogs than I can really keep up with, and my commenting has fallen by the wayside… something I’m working on, so to friends out there who I also read, I’m sorry, I still love you!
My second entry (here) brings back so many good memories. I don’t feel like I’ve changed that much reading that entry. I remain entirely consumed with too many projects, and love it. I am still a fan of all things colorful, and happy. I try to remain as optimistic as possible. It’s hard not to with these lovelies:

I’ve come a long way since random feet pictures (ok how about one for old times sake):

I’m so glad I have a record of how I went from that person to this one.

Now if only I could get my act together and put the thing in some kind of hard copy format! I have serious nightmares about it all disappearing overnight!
Most of all thank you for my lovely readers. I doubt I would have kept putting myself out there if not for you all. Always encouraging, and funny, and there for me. Kisses!

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  1. I LOVE your blog!! and I have stolen more of your scrapbooking and knitting ideas than you can imagine! As a matter of fact, I learned to knit as a child but had not made anything in decades–plus, I had never moved past making simple afghans. You inspired me to try making cute little baby hats and now I have made dozens since!

  2. Wow seven years, Congratulations!!! I love your blog. It was one of the first blogs I started following regularly. Your blog actually inspired me to start my own. It is always inspiring, happy, uplifting, colorful, creative, and all of the above! Also, great photo of you and Tuesday. You look so happy!!!

  3. 7 YEARS! How is that possible! You’re room photos got me teary-eyed nostalgic. I remember meeting you and then meeting your creative space and thinking… “This girl is a lot of fun.” I wasn’t wrong.

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