Spring is finally, truly upon us! It’s so wonderful to have some sunshine filled days. Bj did a deep clean on our porch so we could dress it up again, as we do every spring. I can’t believe that we’ve been using this porch since summer 2009. This will be our forth summer using our favorite outdoor room. I only have partial pictures, because though it’s dressed up Tuesday decided one of her cardboard houses needed to come out.

One of my thrifting finds from the weekend o’ thrift with Sciarrino:

I thought $8 was a little much to spend on it, but Tuesday loves this silly little chair as much as me, so it’s all good.

Our little setup by the front door for this year. The plant stand and octagon shaped planters were from the adventure as well. I told Tuesday we were going thrifting and asked if she want anything. She asked for a plant stand. Uh. A plant stand?!?! Where does she come up with this stuff? And out of everything to ask for. Oh my goodness what a wonderful girl. So I couldn’t resist getting her one of course. The first day thrifting we saw so many that I became a little picky and ended up getting one at an antique store Saturday. I bought one for my mom for mother’s day too. I’ve never taken much notice of them, but now I think I might want a little collection of these worn heavy kind for my yard.

The high school club that usually sells hanging baskets for a fundraiser didn’t this year so I decided to try my hand at it. I packed them pretty full, so hopefully they’ll grow and spill over soon.

These roses are about to bloom like crazy. Even though they’re my most neglected. I have such trouble figuring out how to train these climbers up the porch. I think I need to cut a few canes back, but can’t bare to.

A few of my other roses have started to bloom. This tree type rose bush glows:

And I swear the blooms by the picket fence get darker every year. I’m not sure why this would be?

They are supposed to be very light pink. Has anyone had this happen to them?

The backyard still needs a bunch of work. I weed as much as I can, though it’s getting harder. Bj’s mom helped when she was here this weekend. We’ve only been watering for a few days, so hopefully not having (as much) rain fall all over the yard will slow down the weeds (we use a drip system to save water). We need new compost over pretty much the whole yard and I’m trying to talk Bj into getting some help to spread it around. Bending over with this belly is such a pain! Tuesday follows me around tugging my shirt down when it rides up, hehehe. I’m just hoping I get everything pretty well established before the baby comes so it will be relatively easy to care for. And I’m trying to rein in my vegetable growing and annual planting. Of course I said yes to some broccoli starts from Erin… broccoli! I’ve never tried that before. Arron came over and tilled up that little bit of dirt up there in about two minutes last night. And my next door neighbor gave me a roma start to plant. Ah I love my neighborhood. Someone asked me before about the stuff I leave on my porch. Let’s just say I have some very active neighbors who keep tabs on everything and everyone. 🙂

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  1. As always, your yard is beautiful and so is your porch! I am envious of your covered front porch as we do not have one (hopefully at our next house!) I know it would get so much use! And the plant stand is adorable (so cute that Tuseday asked for it.) Oh, and the hanging baskets are great and will start to spill over in no time. Enjoy your yard and the sunshine. Spring is a beautiful time of year!

  2. ok, i am not a gardener, and i have no idea how i “know” this, and for all i know it might be crap, but i think roses can change color (like dark or light, not from yellow to red) based on the ph of the soil and that can change from all kinds of things, like fertilizers or animals peeing in the area.

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