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Oh man. Have you seen those so funny “nailed it!” posts on craft fail? With Pinterest I go into every project with a lot of inspiration and quite a bit of expectation too. So when I decided to whip up a couple of easy chocolate covered bananas I thought, no problem! How hard could they be?

(source: epicurious)

Oh my goodness this was so hilarious. Tuesday and I went about prepping. Her sweetly smashing peanuts and testing sprinkles while I slowly and carefully melted chocolate and butter in my double boiler. And then it all started to go wrong. The chocolate started “seizing” and I quickly added cream, which made it into a kind of fudge. After attempting to dip the frozen banana halves I decided to just grab handfuls of the chocolate and try to smoosh it onto the bananas. I gave a few to Tuesday to try and decorate but everything was happening too fast. I had to stop and write down what Tuesday was saying while she watched me perplexed.

“You’re just cooking with your big belly.”

“I think you should let papa do this part.”

“Mama, you don’t need to bake. You can just relax.”

and my favorite

“Why is that poop on the floor?”

Holy cow it was funny. I did put them back into the freezer and try one during rest time. I’m not going to lie, I think the only reason I finished it was because I was craving the banana chocolate combo and couldn’t let the idea go. It was bad. Not as bad as Magic Mike (but that’s another story). So in case you’ve ever thought all my projects turn out great over here you can rest assured that is not the case. I can not bake, and apparently candy making is out of my future too. Have you had a crazy craft fail? Embrace the hilarity and tell us about it!

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  1. i am DYING! this post is totally cracking me up… mostly because i can hear tuesday saying those things (HILARIOUS!) and i can hear your laughter too!

  2. Do I need to pin this to my LOL board?? I think so!! 😉
    Yeah Magic Mike was not too great. I still feel ill thinking about Matthew Maconghey (I can’t spell…). Plus 1/2 nekkid guys shouldn’t danc on stage together. So wrong.
    A favorite treat for me is bananas dipped in OJ and frozen. Those were “popsicles” when I was a kid 😉

  3. I laughed at the picture and then out loud at Tuesday’s comments. What a fun crazy memory. But take pride — it’s a sign of good parenting that your daughter recognizes that poop is not supposed to be on the floor. 🙂

  4. My mom and I used to make hand-rolled truffles when I was a kid (several hundred pounds at a time around Christmas time…ugh!) As far as melting chocolate is concerned, I’ve always had the most luck with putting it in a bowl, nuking it for a minute, stirring, nuking it for 30 seconds, stirring, repeat until mostly melted but with still semi-solid centers and then put the bowl on a heating pad on the highest setting. The remaining bit melts and it keeps the chocolate at a nice steady temperature so it doesn’t seize up.

  5. My husband and I just got such a good laugh out of this post! PS Love your new baby quilt – beautiful. You should be selling these on Etsy too.

  6. When I read this I laughed (thank you!) and could mentally see myself dumping (angrily throwing?) multiple past cooking/baking projects into the kitchen garbage. I love love love the “Mama, you don’t need to bake. You can just relax.” Sage advice 🙂

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