Sunset Spin

I have had this fiber on the bobbins for so long! I found a picture of the fiber (at least I think this is it!) from September of 2009, but no pictures of me spinning it up.

Luckily I was obsessed with keeping track of my stash in Ravelry at this time so I know it’s 8 ounces of Corridale wool from Sunset Fibers. Maybe this was a gift from Carmen? I can’t remember. But I love the juicy colors. I actually had spun up this fiber, all that I needed to do was ply it. I had to put on my jumbo bobbin and head to ply so that must have been what was stopping me. Well Bj put it on for me the other day and I plied this stuff up. It’s soft and squishy and I love it! It turned out to be striping, at least a little bit I think, so I might have to do something for the baby.

Ideas? I think it will knit up well on size sevens, so a bit of bulky something probably.

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  1. Love the brightness of this yarn! I love knitting on size sevens; perhaps I could whip something up:)!

  2. This yarn makes me happy! I think of rainbow sherbet 🙂

  3. adorable diaper cover??? Love the bright colors!

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