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Starting our SECOND year of dance. Second? Yes! In the “big girl” class (4-5 year olds) she loves it!

Taking over Ribbon Jar for my mom while she was on vacation. Did you see the new look? Awesome! I’m so excited for my mom! I’m so glad it’s not me running it. Bennet HATED being at the office. No idea why, but she pretty much screamed the whole time, every time. My brother and his sweetheart work in the same building… they said they don’t want kids, and I think we pretty much sealed the deal for them, ha!

Visiting friends! Such a lovely day in Corvallis with Sarah. We (Tuesday) rode a little trike all over town. She slept very VERY well that night!

Speaking of sleeping well. We went to the beach for the weekend and this little girl slept for 8.5 hours in a row. WHAT?!?!? Tuesday did not do that until she was 38 months, yes she was three years old. As in, not that long ago. Oh sweet Bennet I love your sleeping habits. She’s had a few nights with long stretches like that, and then some where it’s about 6 hours, eat, and then 3 more. It makes the nights she wakes up twice rough, I am getting so spoiled with those long stretches (we won’t talk too much about how I craft while I should be sleeping too…).

At the Oregon Coast, in October and it was upper 70s. To give you an idea, it doesn’t usually get that warm there in the summer! Bliss.

First train ride at the beach. We recommend this slow paced family friendly little train. It was gorgeous and sunny, but I think it would be fun even in stormy weather (but not in the open air car of course!).

Enjoying the weather. So so so so beautiful. I usually dislike fall a whole bunch, the days start to get shorter, it’s cloudy, rainy, etc. But this fall, I see why people like fall! Sunshine! Cool breezes, I love it. That’s Bj building my birthday present, a potting bench for the side of the shed, in the background.

Loving visits from Nana.

Bj took Tuesday to the paint your own pottery place. It was a hit!

Someone started holding toys! Hey those hands work!

Going on walks… did I mention the awesome weather?

Such a smiley little monkey. Just couldn’t resist including this photo 🙂
Next up: Tuesday picked out what she wants to be for Halloween:

The yellow one, with a tan body. A nice tan body mama. I suggested a yellow hoodie and pants, shot down. So now I get to make a tan hoodie. Anyone want to give me hints on wings this gigantic? I’m going to dress Bennet in all green and call her a chrysalis.

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  1. Great could of weeks! love it 🙂 And what an awesome costume–and I love Bennet’s costume 🙂
    We’re still trying to figure out everyone’s costumes here.

  2. When I was little my Dad shaped wire hangers like butterfly wings and then covered them in paper…but he didn’t sew! I wore them like a back pack but crossed over my chest…elastic strap. And he painted polka dots on my cheeks. I also had a curly cue glued to my nose. And one more thing…my antennas were made of masking tape and painted black…attached to a headband. Hope some of this helps!!

  3. LOVE all the photos! Such fun you guys are having this fall and so glad you are having lots of nice weather. And I love hearing that Bennet is sleeping so well! Yay for sleep!!!

  4. Um, could Tuesday look MORE like you???? (I’m staring at the picture of her next to her painted pottery masterpiece). Holy moly! I love fall–it’s my favorite time of year–and I’m glad the weather has been so lovely so you guys can enjoy every second of it! Hugs!!!

  5. Love seeing all the fun times enjoyed as the sun lingers just a bit longer than usual, those smiley faces say it all! Thanks again for running Ribbon Jar while we are away… it was a treat to know it was in such good hands!
    I can’t wait to see Tuesdays costume, how about covering it with a fabric Tuesday could paint… Now that would be fun!

  6. love seeing all these photos. so envious you can craft outside (sharing a back yard with seven other apartments is not backyard crafting friendly). loved the night you and the girls came down, such fun! also, um… maybe you shouldn’t look at the weekend forecast….

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