I have to realize these things are never going to have their own posts. So here we go…
1. new swimsuit for Tuesday. My mother in law scored this fabric at the fashion district in L.A. And I should have had her get me boatloads more, because it is so awesome!

2. I’m selling our newborn diaper stash, but I kept two because I’m sentimental like that (and they are so so tiny!!!). I was going to keep one, and Bj said, “keep one for each girl” because he’s a genius like that.
3. Tuesday is sleeping and Bennet is playing with some rainbow rice right now. Do babies hate anything more than a finger sweep when they put tiny things in their mouths? Oh maybe night time diaper changes.
4. I’m listening to Laura Mvula, anyone else? So beautiful.

5. The recital is tomorrow, TOMORROW. And someone couldn’t be more excited:

(she’s a gingerbread girl, there is one gingerbread boy and it is just a whole bunch of adorableness)
6. French doors getting installed today!
7. I got carded last night. At the movies for rated R show. At 32.5… is that a record?!?!
8. Bennet can climb stairs… gotta go.

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  1. Hooray for recitals! So, how long do the littles stay in newborn size diapers? We are planning on cd’ing but I don’t have a plan yet. Just been collecting a few at consignment sales along the way.

  2. Brooke I’m so excited for you! I didn’t even know you we’re pregnant until I saw a random picture of you in Facebook (I’m so bad at keeping up with people on there!). It totally depends on your baby. I had average sized newborns (7 lbs 4 ounces and 6 lbs 14 ounces) but then they dropped off the charts and stayed tiny (0-3%). We were able to use these fitted diapers in size 0 until six months (they grew out of them by rise, not width), then a combo of size 1 and one size (adjustable) pocket diapers until we graduated Tuesday to undies. I don’t think that’s the norm though. Still I think you’d have to have a pretty big baby (or not mind a lot of “fluff” on their bottoms!) to use a one size right from the beginning. The size 0s fold down for the umbilical cord stump, which is awesome. I was doing cloth diaper research in 2008 so I know things have changed a bit and there are new players on the scene (I bought a Charlie Banana diaper for bennet – impulse buy – and it’s great). I have a few I would steer clear of, like bum genius organic all in ones, they take forever to dry (the plastic PUL layer doesn’t separate from the liner) and to me feel super rough. I love fitted diapers, pre-folds and the like. You can bake them in the wash; basically nothing will kill them. The kind with plastic have to be treated a little more gently. Hope that helps! I love my cloth!

  3. Serious cuteness in that swimsuit… Nice job!
    And that Gingerbread girl… well we all know she was the cutest and of course we are not biased at all :)!

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