The Arron and Erin

I highly suggest you make one.

Ciabatta bread with mayo on both sides (I used soy free Vegenaise, it’s better than mayo, really).
Have the deli slice you very thin salami
Layer on spinach and roasted peppers
Thinly slice an apple and take out the star (the core)
If you want it add provolone (I still am not able to eat dairy because of Bennet)
Press it like it’s hot.
Yum, yum, YUM!

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  1. We just had these for breakfast (not our normal time of day to eat them!). These are our go to sandwich. We make them a little different in the broiler. Lay the bottom piece of bread inside up under the broiler, broil until lightly browned. Pull it out, put on the salami and provolone. Add the top of the bread inside up next to it and broil both. Then add mayo, apple, pepper and spinach. I never get sick of these, they are always delicious!

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