Celebrating One!

Oh sweet sweet Bennet!

This was Bennet on her birthday, the best shot I could get (and you can tell I did a hack job to Photoshop out flip flops on the floor!). Since she doesn’t know when her birthday is we decided to do a low key dessert only party a few days later with a small group.

I pretty much had nothing done an hour before the party except for ordering vegan cupcakes and making this hat, the important things, obviously!

I used a load of fun ribbons from The Ribbon Jar. I have been talking to my mom about putting together little kit projects through her site, and these hats are ones I would love to do, because it takes a lot of little pieces of ribbon.

I made a “1” shirt for Bennet with my Silhouette. Easy and fast. I was just going to use Tuesday’s, but it was temporarily lost. Glad she has her own though, I have grand plans of baby clothes quilts, has anyone done that?

The party was super simple and easy. I ordered vegan cupcakes from a place in town: Twinsies. Bennet preferred her frozen peas, so no shots of her eating this (don’t worry I had plenty).

Big sister probably had the most fun. I invited only one other family with older kids, because I knew she needed someone to play with and she always gets along great with K&K. I was right, they had a blast. And yes, we’re the crazy people who own a little bounce house. BEST. KID. INVESTMENT. EVER. We take this thing to every BBQ we are invited to. Love it. Bj is in an ikea tube thing here being a monster or doing something silly that they loved.

Oh Bennet, we can help you with that….

Ah my sweet girl. I still need to cram her into that sleeper and finish off our monthly series of pictures. It won’t really take much cramming since she’s itty bitty. I am all about simple parties for kids. Ya I had a black tie wedding, and yes I love to go to awesome parties. But if I’m throwing a party for a kid then simple wins.

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  1. Love the birthday hat! For Annalise’s first birthday I made a felt crown, but it wasn’t adjustable and only fit maybe a month? I like this idea for her second birthday (only 4 months away–what??)

  2. This is just perfect for a first birthday… simple and lots of fun! The cupcakes look very yummy! Charlotte loves the photo of your bounce house… she is a big fan of those! Great photo of you and Bennet. She really is so cute and I love her “1” shirt!

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