-It’s 12:45 AM and Bennet has woken up 4 times already. To pee at first, but now it seems she caught Tuesday’s cold. Stuffed up noses + baby = not good.
-That’s why I’m blogging from my phone while nursing.
-See that excited girl up there? The sun plays a big role in that excitement, but so does her and Apples (her doll) matching satchels. My grandma gave me some 18″ doll patterns and that little purple bag was one of them.
-Tuesday has circled 99% of the other outfits on 9 other patterns for me to make. For a total of about 30 separates and a million tiny pattern pieces.

-Turns out I’m pretty easy to convince.
-I finally admitted to myself that Tuesday was never going to use most of our Montessori equipment and packed it away.
-I put out new (actually old, just forgotten) toys downstairs and had some peaceful moments and lots of good playing. I’m in spring cleaning/re-arranging mood for sure.

-I found this pack of “vintage” ki memories (favorite scrapbooking brand) for 99ยข at goodwill and about fell over.
-I’ve been scrapbooking again. I still love it.
-I met with a lawyer for Pax Forest School. It went so well.

-She had this giant relief map of Oregon on her conference wall and I about died, so awesome! She also slid two barn doors closed and the backs had white boards on them. The office was fully paneled in cedar and reminded me of Black Butte in the 80s.
-Speaking if vacation homes we’re looking at yurts for forest school. I want one so bad now. Just put it out on the middle of nowhere and I’ll sit in there and read while the rain comes down.
-The phone always autocorrects put to out. I really dislike it when I spell something right a few times and autocorrect helps me out by making complete non sense out of my sentences.
-ok Bennie is asleep on my lap. Going to attempt a transfer.

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  1. Love the update! The photos of the girls is darling. The sun always gets me excited, too! Apples is the cutest doll… I love the tutu. It sounds like things are moving right along with forest school, and a yurt would be really awesome!!

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