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Yes, Pax Forest School has taken up most of my time these last few weeks. I’m not sure what I expected, starting a non-profit extracurricular outdoor education co-op from scratch! But we have our insurance applications in, we are a registered non profit corporation with the state. The Bylaws are written!!! And the appointment with the attorney is next week. Phew. Just a million other things to do (um find a permanent location being a BIG one), but so far so good. When I start to get overwhelmed by it all I just think of the days outdoors that my girls are having.

Taking a walk by the river with mama and Tuesday (who is behind me here).

Another mama (who just found us online and didn’t know any of the founding members before) whipped this up for the kids to weave natural materials onto. Love it.

Bennet and I trek up to the Porta Potty. She is in awe of the whole thing I think. Usually she just sits and takes it all in while eating lots and LOTS of snacks and lunch. By the way if you haven’t made a pixie hat yet, you should! These things are SO GREAT.

Oh ya, and we made the front page of the paper (!!!). Read the article here.

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  1. Amber, this is such an amazing an idea! If we lived in the area my two boys and I would join in an instant. Congrats on making the paper! Looking forward to hearing more about Pax in the future.

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