Scrapbooking while traveling

scrapbooking while on vacation
Once again I took a scrapbook on a trip. The scrapbook on the road mini I did when I went to Alsaka in 2011 was one of my favorites. Another time I went to Alaska (our good friends live there) I decided to take Project Life with me (here is some info on Project Life – a pocket style scrapbook system). I was new to it and thought it would be easiest just to bring it instead of having a new project (here is what it looked like when I was done). I’m still doing Project Life,  and I have lots of thoughts on it to share soon, but I didn’t want to bring it with me. There are so many stories and moments on vacation that are different than home. I really wanted to remember as much as possible. Our children are so young, they will likely only remember this trip through our photos and my scrapbooking (side note: there was a discussion about this on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast that I found really interesting).
I ended up bringing my standard kit, with just a few embellishments, and the tools I consider must haves. I used a Basic Grey album and stuck in page protectors from Simple Stories (in the video I said something else, but I checked and they are Simple Stories). I had to punch extra holes, but that was fine with me. I wrote up stories as the time went, and sorted through ephemera only keeping what I used in the mini album. This is great because sometimes when I travel I bring a lot home not knowing what I’ll use. One thing I wish I would have brought more of were 3×4 cards. I thought the handful I brought were enough, and I did come home with extras, but I could have used more plain or grid cards. I ended up buying a 6×6 paper pad at Target so I had more paper to work with.
I wasn’t able to print photos (no computer to upload photos to), so here is a short video showing what I did get done. I’m excited to fill up the book with pictures and some more thoughts about the trip now that we are home. I certainly prefer to scrapbook with photos, but this was still a very fun creative release while we were gone. I usually worked on it in 30 minute chunks here and there, mostly during join rest/nap time.

hawaiilabumplain small from Amber Garrison on Vimeo.

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  1. I think you have inspired me to scarp Charlotte’s first trip to Disney. I have never scrapbooked before, but it looks like fun! And it would be so great to have for Charlotte to look back on someday.

  2. How inspiring! I love how you fit art and creativity into your life with your family, even while away from home. {Your voice is sweet. This is the first time I’ve heard it!}

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