Ah sweet spring

I’m sure you’ll excuse my absence when you see what I’ve been distracted with:
All from my garden. I did have to stretch it a bit to come up with this bouquet for a friend’s birthday; and included budding bits from a bush, branches from our dogwood, a weed and an unfurling fern. Yes new life is popping up everywhere! And now that I’ve realized I have allergies and can just take a pill and feel human I am quite happy to be outside all day, as are the girls. I’ve got lots of plans, lots and lots of plans.
Easter at my mom and step-dad’s. See that sweet dress on Tuesday? Mine when I was her age! Good thing 80s fashion is back in vogue.
I did absolutely no planning with regards to Easter, since we don’t celebrate it. My mom always comes through with a lovely brunch and hosts wonderful family time, which we love. I mentioned to Tuesday it was coming up and she was all, “remember that one time at the club with all the eggs!!!” I asked her if she wanted me to hide some eggs for her and oh boy did she. So Saturday night Bj and I were filling plastic eggs with whatever we could find. Including some left over halloween candy. Nothing says rebirth like gummy brains! Bennet was thrilled with the hunt. Every time she found an egg she exclaimed, “oh!” picked it up, put it in her basket and immediately signed “more”.
Now we’re down to the desert for a few days, where it threatens to be pushing 100. 100! I think I’ll melt! Luckily it’s raining here and I don’t feel too bad leaving my garden to nature. Though I will be bringing a stack of books and magazines with me (including this one, this one, and this one! -affiliate links).

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  1. I’ve been a follower of your blog since before your marriage and I’m so sorry to learn that you don’t celebrate Easter. Maybe you’ve indicated this preference before and I just didn’t catch it… With all of the blessings you have in your life, it’s a shame you haven’t recognized where they come from! I will pray for you and your family – in the hopes that you will realize the source of your good fortune. God loves you, even if you don’t acknowledge Him.

  2. What a darling bouquet from your garden. I love the photo of you with your mom and the girls… so sweet! Tuesday looks so cute in your dress! Enjoy your time in California!

  3. Have a fantastic trip! Tom and I are heading to Vegas on Sunday, so a different part of the desert 😉 And what beautiful things from your garden already!

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