Gardening is taking over

I’m sorry you’ve reached the blog of someone who previously could think about more than one thing. Right now all I can think about is gardening. Case and point, last weekend my friend Erin and I went to a master gardener sale and well…
Ya so, that’s been keeping me busy. But seriously this is also serving as a public service announcement. Check out your county (or a neighboring county’s) extension. They should have a master gardener program and they do plant sales in the spring as fundraisers. The deals are great, the variety at this one was insane (342 tomato varieties… at one booth!). We had a blast.
I’m also managing activities for Tuesday’s active Daisy Girl Scout Troop. We’re going to Forest School once a week for I think five more weeks until summer break. Tuesday’s recital is coming up and tomorrow it’s a fully make-uped dress rehearsal/picture day. By the way I volunteered to be a stage mom… before I realized my job would be running out and putting out props in front of a packed house (must remember to aim my bottom to the back of the stage!). Needless to say school is in the full on freestyle/unschooling mode. Tuesday is aching to read though. Once she can read up on bunnies we have promised her she can get some. I don’t think she’s close at all, but I find her with books all the time. And writing non sense notes like crazy (which I hoard because they are adorable!).
I promise to do another catch up soon!

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  1. Great catch up, Amber! I would love a master gardener sale… so fun! It looks you found some awesome plants. And it sounds like you are super busy be a mom, like myself. Charlotte is totally aching to read, too. She is sooooo ready! You should have Tuesday write Charlotte some non sense notes, and we’ll do the same!

  2. Can’t wait to see your yard after you get those plants in! If you need any help in the evenings, let me know 🙂

  3. Always love reading your posts, miss you when you’re not posting!

  4. Luke is dying to read too. I tell him to go look at books in his room after I read to him at bedtime and he crys – “But I don’t know the words!” He’s also constantly asking us how to spell things, my life is one big spelling bee right now.

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