Today. Oh today. I just want to bottle you up and have this feeling to take a sip of whenever I need it. Five hours alone with Bennie this morning (she got up at five, Tuesday at 10:30!). Then a nap for her and cookie making with Tuesday. She ran after the mailman barefoot to take him one warm from the oven.
My mom popped over in the middle of her busy day. I happened to have the door open when my neighbor came home from work. She had a rough day. Come over I yelled across the street, we have cookies! So she did, with wine. We chatted a bit. Tuesday packed up some cookies for the guy mowing the lawn.
It poured all day, big fat lovely rain. We stayed cozy and I said a rare yes to Bob the Builder. I started getting things organized in the storage room, where I’d thrown stuff all winter. Dinner was left overs and easy. Then we came upstairs and I asked Tuesday to read to Bennie so I could put away a weeks worth of laundry. And she took her job so seriously. Making up whatever she couldn’t remember.
Bj came upstairs then and Bennet started dancing to some music. It took me a moment to realize it was coming from my phone… My locked phone. That’s when I realized she could change the sound played for my timer and alarms without getting the phone unlocked. And I laughed when I figured out that’s why Banana Phone started playing in the library earlier in the week. Silly Bennet.
Bj read Superfudge to Tuesday so I put Bennet down (a rare event). She was so snuggly I didn’t want to lay her in her crib after she drifted off to sleep in my arms. So I held her.
And wrote this.

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  1. Oh Amber, such a special day! It’s so nice to have days like this. Charlotte fell asleep on the sofa a few nights ago, and I found myself not wanting to not put her down after I carried her to bed… she is still my baby!

  2. Good thing you blogged about it so you can relive this day forever and always. Moments like these you gotta bottle up!

  3. That is an awesome chair you have got there! I would love to have one just like it!

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