I want to plug a little giveaway that my mom (Ribbon Jar) is having through tomorrow. You can find it right here, for jumbo ric-rac, which is so fun on everything. So hop on over… I hear there are not many entries, hint, hint :).

I’ll leave you with this pretty picture of my climbing roses… Which it turns out are not actually climbing roses, just regular roses I’ve let get gigantic. Hmm so that’s why I could never manipulate them around a pillar.

In better garden news Bj made me these fantastic raised beds on Mother’s Day. Even better than that? A very kind friend brought me loads of soil for them, and an enterprising teenager earned some money filling them up for me (thank goodness because that was not happening with me in charge. See: that time last year when we had piles of rock in our driveway for months).
We tried out “yard guys” for a month and we just could not deal. Now we get to pay for them to stop coming, lucky us (<- sarcasm). Seriously we wanted them to mow the lawn, edge and pick a few weeds from the hard scape. Instead they "policed the beds" and general nonsense that stressed me out (if you're local Salem area and want to know who it was just shoot me a message). Good thing I don't mind my knees looking like this: 20140515-221509.jpg
(My view while nursing Bennie).
There is my check in for the week! Hope this turns out… Using my phone as I haven’t turned on the computer for a while!

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  1. I was one of the lucky winners over on your mom’s blog today… so exciting! Your roses are so pretty. And I love your raised beds. I want to get more into vegetable gardening some day, and the raised beds are exactly what I want.

  2. The boxes look great! I have plans for putting a couple in later this year/early next year 🙂

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