The garden – mid July 2014

Ah the garden, such goodness. BUT SO HOT! I’m having a trouble finding time to work out there. The girls are not able to spend long periods of time out in the heat and it makes it hard for me to weed and stuff, I don’t really want to go out in the heat of the day when they are resting. So a few things have gotten out of control, you’ve been warned.
july garden-1
I think I know what is going on with some of my plants, like my super small beets. Turns out you have to fertilize stuff. I’ve never really done that before, just bits of organic stuff when I put in transplants. I went to a Master Gardener’s Mini Collage this last weekend and learned so much! Also I read my seed packets while organizing (I need to get my stuff together to plant the winter garden – hence the empty bed) and I planted over wintering 220 day carrots, oops. Well you live and learn. We’ve harvested lots of raspberries and marionberries. We ate a lot of snap peas before I pulled them, and the celery was an interesting experiment, I chopped most and saved for winter soups. The herbs in the back I’m letting go to seed (some) to see if they’ll re-seed themselves next year.
july garden-2
The new bed to the left has five tomato plants, a butternut squash, four peppers and some basil crammed in it. So far it’s working. The cucumbers to the left are coming on, and very yummy.
july garden-5
To the left scarlet runner beans are blooming, and so pretty. The little potato bin maybe has potatoes in it, we’ll see in a few weeks. The other new box Bj built is growing melons and peppers. I put too many in, and we’ll see what happens. Once the fruit set is a little better I think I’ll start pinching off new blossoms. Speaking of thinning fruit… I swear I did thin my apples! But I guess not as much as I was supposed to. So propping up these honey crisps is a must!
july garden-7
Another view of the bed, so that you can see my pumpkin vines! I pulled out half my strawberry patch and I’m so glad I’m giving these things some room. My goal is three big Jarrandales pumpkins and some little pie pumpkins.
july garden-6
This back bed, still hoping some of those beans will come on and a few poppies, but we’ll see, all were planted late and in partial shade.
july garden-4
These little bush beans (planted only slight before and in full shade) are doing great. I’ll wait until I taste them but I love that I can stick these beans in anywhere. Cosmos are great, I love the pops of color, I’m going to try them from seed next year I think.
july garden-3
More tomatoes tucked in above the rock wall, and the little ground cover I planted blooming (wish I could figure out what it is!).  Here you can see some of my clover problem. It. Is. EVERYWHERE. Not quite sure what to do about it.
july garden-13
The front yard is looking better. I’m still so sad we only got these piddly little sunflowers after about a hundred seeds!
july garden-12
Remember the trellis we had built a few years ago? Well the jasmine we planted (one of them a day after Bennie was born, thanks to my man), is loving it. Oh these smell so good.
july garden-17
So good!
july garden-16
And underfoot, besides these weeds, I have this sweet ground cover growing between the stepping stones.
july garden-15
And in the, we can do better area, is this section. I have to chop my clematis down to the ground because of a persistent fungus. The willow is CA-RAZY! It’s on the chopping block this fall. If I learned one thing at the mini-college it’s “right plant, right place” and this is the wrong place for this gigantic thing.
july garden-8
The big news is that our arbor is done! I LOVE it! I can’t wait until grapes are growing all over it!
july garden-19
The Asian pears are growing, though scabby, but I think they’ll still be edible. My bean tee pee is growing and I love it.
july garden-18
Yes the summer garden is a good place to be, especially with friends!

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  1. What a great idea – I’d like to attend a gardening workshop! I’ll have to google that and see if anyone around here offers one. I love how colorful your garden is 🙂

  2. I can’t say enough about your lovely garden. Well, it’s just AMAZING!!! The new arbor is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see a photo with grapes growing all over it.

  3. please don’t do anything to kill your clover. I read an article that said part of the reason bees are vanishing is because everyone is killing the clover.

    1. Oh I should have been more clear. It looks like clover, but is actually oxalis, a type of wood sorrel. We have clover in our grass, the bees love it! But they don’t come to this stuff, it’s just a bad weed!

      1. Oh sorry – I shouldn’t have assumed. I have loved your garden blog posts this summer. Based on some of your ideas I am planning on incorporating more veggies into my small gardens next year. Keep the great pictures and ideas coming!

  4. I have missed looking at your blog and so glad i am now catching up. Love your backyard and your garden. I always feel like I can learn something from you too! Xo

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