To hot! To the beach!

My friend Tracy sent me a text yesterday that said, “call as soon as you get up.” so I did. A friend of hers reserved a yurt at the beach but wasn’t going to use it. Did we want to get away from 90 degree temps and join her? Oh yes we did!
for tracy-1
Ah so chilly! So fun! The girls played in the world’s shortest river until they were chattering (our ocean is really too cold to go into much – 50s). It only got up to about 63 and got down to low 50s, so we had a fire, snuggled up in the yurt with our friends and set out to play today as well. We played slightly past rest time.
beach day-1
As you can see Bennet was about ready to sleep right in the sand! She did not want to leave!
I didn’t really either, I have been trying to shake a nasty summer cold and it was nice to be in cool air. Alas, my girls and I did still come home with runny noses and coughs. Hopefully they’ll be gone by next week… it’s set to hit 100! NOooooo!!!!! We might just have to head back to the beach again!

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