Copy Cat Blanket – my go to mindless knit

I love having a simple knit I don’t need a pattern for to take with me and knit all over the place. This is that pattern for me. I found a blanket I loved on Ravelry and modified the pattern a bit. I cast on in the middle and knit around and around. Every other round I switch colors for a truly scrappy look.

Here are the details for this blanket. It finished at about 34″ square. And links to the first, second, and third blankets. Like I said I love these blankets. They take about a year for me to knit so if you’ve gotten one from me I must really love you!

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  1. Mary Lou Miller says: Reply

    I LOVE THIS! ❤️

    1. Thanks Mary Lou…. I do too, but I’m wondering if it would be too crazy to knit a giant lap size one?!

  2. This is gorgeous!!

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