Things you may not know…

Passion_1About Bj and I:

-We rode the same bus in middle school.

-We went to the same high school.

-We didn’t meet until my junior year in college.

-I introduced myself to him.

-He was my first kiss at 21 years and one month old.

-Not only have I never dated or kissed any one else, I’ve never even held another guy’s hand.

-He is a year and a half younger.

-He is exactly a foot taller than me.

-Our first "real" date was Zoolander.

-I didn’t know if I loved him for over a year. Now I know I could never love anyone more.

-We started flirting over door refinishing. Bj: "Oh I just happen to have this super stripper in my car, and these work clothes, you want help?"

-A couple years ago we broke up for two weeks and I cried during crew practice.

-Bj is short for William Henry Garrison V (I know!)

-His best friend is my brother.

-I’ve never flown with him, but I have driven 10,548 miles around the United States in his company.

-When we’re apart I sleep with "Willbear" and he sleeps with a stuffed puppy named "Alpster"

-Our four year anniversary is October 1st.

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  1. Oh my Gawd, that was so cute! You guys are adorable! Thanks for sharing your fun facts, and your cute card! 🙂

  2. that is so cute!

  3. You two were meant for each other:)! A very nice story to share!!!

  4. awww….cool facts to share and recall. Love how you did that!

  5. that is so neat – thanking for sharing those things – happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary for the 1st!! Love those facts!

  7. How sweet are the two of you?!

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