Amber Style

I’m still unpacking boxes of all the little stuff. I even have some more things left at my mom’s. Not a whole lot, mostly scrapbooking stuff (so hard to move), and older things, like childhood toys. I had some company this week. Little Violet and her mom. I think I still want to paper the […]


Boy is it time for a catch up on my life. Basically I’ve been moving, and chances are you’ve moved before so you know why I haven’t posted, nothing looks pretty when you’re moving. But let me start further back. So on Thursday I had my first night in the house (well, I’ve sleep here […]

The Answer Is…

Oh my gosh, I so loved reading the questions! And here are the answers: Nancy: If you could spend a weekend any place in the world, doing whatever makes you feel the most happy, what would that look like? Hmmm, no money limit you say Nancy? Well I think I would go with my mom […]

Go Ahead, ask me.

Okay so I don’t know if it’s because its gotten a little chilly and wet outside, and thus I’ve been using noxious chemicals without proper ventilation, but I feel a little down. More of the same, nothing that interesting to blog about, save refinishing furniture, which isn’t really that interesting: strip, sand, curse, sand, burn […]