The Big Picture

So I said it before, but I’m taking a Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Stacy’s Library of Memories. It’s more of an organizing class than an actual scrapbooking class, but you have to organize your photos to scrapbook (I’m realizing). So it’s brought me face to face with my digital photo mess. Not really a mess, […]

Our 88 year old kid

Grandpa turned 88 yesterday. So he put on his flat fronted khaki’s and came down to the special dining room to party! Can I get an awe?!?! This is grandpa’s "I’m trying to look mean but not succeeding face." I think it’s so funny. He is in a lot of pain ("I want a goddamn […]

The big reveal

I have been keeping a secret. A bunch of people around here knew it, but Ceara didn’t, and I don’t think I’ve kept a secret from her for this long ever. Let me give you a little back story. Way back. It’s 2003. I’m in Corvallis, I’ve got crew going on, school and thus art […]