All the little pieces

Before you think I’m some wonder-woman-pregnant-hospital-camp-outer I had to share all the things that have made me walk away from the break-down edge (which is easy to get to when you have HORMONES). Last night after a long day I realized that my lovely friend Kathy had dropped off all these yummy veggies from her […]


“What’s that?” “I think those are peaches.” He tastes them, “No those are canned peaches.” My mistake. Just met with doctor. If his levels are good enough surgery will be tomorrow, and it’s a doctor we know. Here’s hoping his blood work cooporates.

The View

This is the view out grandpa’s hospital room (if you lean over and to the right). It’s early (for me) but yesterday telling them we wanted to be called before doctors did rounds didn’t work so I’m trying the wait it out meathod. Grandpa and his roommate are sleeping so I’m going to knit. Thanks […]