A not so manly vest.

Remember this yarn? I wanted to knit it up ASAP to see if I liked knitting singles, so I could see if I should spin some more. Turns out I do like knitting singles, a lot. I made up a quick little vest from a free pattern I found online. It's called the manly vest, hehehe.

I was so happy with this knit that I actually took the girl out to go look for buttons!

The trip went great!

I consider the quilt shop not walkable alone so we went in the car. I was so pleased she did not scream the whole time. So pleased that later we went through the drive through at DQ for a Blizzard, we are so brave.

Who is the cutest baby ever? Who? Ah my sweet tutu.

Oh and she has a newly developing trick:

Grabbing things! Had to flash her because the swing was moving. She loves this toy from Sarah, it's perfect for her dainty little hands.

I am loving each day more and more with her. You know that giddy butterfly stomach you get when you know something awesome is going to happen? I swear I feel like that every day with Tuesday. She is so sweet and I love playing with her. I love cuddling her, changing her, nursing her, bathing her. I love everything about her! I must post video soon she really is the cutest little bird ever (says her mama :).

9 Replies to “A not so manly vest.”

  1. There is nothing manly about that vest. Just pure cuteness!!

  2. What a sweet little thing Tuesday is! Love the little girly outfit!

  3. Very cute!!!!!! Can’t wait for the vid!

  4. I love the vest with the little pink skirt. 🙂 She should probably be model baby… 😉
    And the books DO look great! I have a serious board book addiction!!

  5. LOVE the vest! so girly and adorable! 🙂
    and i love that she loves the toy…
    i thought it might be perfect for little hands to hold! YAY!

  6. Love the vest!

  7. lovely, i love the button detail

  8. She’s such a doll baby ! Sweet little smile is SO adorable !

  9. Grandpa Curt says: Reply

    Love the vest and Tuesday. Love Dad

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