4 years and 3 months later…

I finally got a badge for my shop put up on my blog (oh and when did I first blog about it? Back in the blogging stone ages). And I didn't even do it, Bj did because HE IS THE BEST. He even made it extra cool so roll your mouse on over there and check it out. I have a lot of things I've been working on for The Ribbon Jar, including lots of new ribbon I need to add to the site, projects to upload to the gallery, and new special collections I'm planning. 

I'm also working on a nice long post about our trip up to Alaska. It was wonderful, and last time we went I did not do it justice on the blog. I tend to be good about my crafty endeavors and everyday life, but fall short on reporting about the big adventures. I like to just live them, maybe I'll do a photo wrap up, I took lots!

3 Replies to “4 years and 3 months later…”

  1. The little badge looks fantastic! Love the color! 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear about Alaska!

  2. new ribbon? new projects? can’t wait to see them!
    love the badge – nice job bj! 🙂
    we still on for tomorrow?

  3. Nice to have the badge up for Ribbon Jar… Looks great BJ!

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