Safety Tip for the Season

Bj would like to remind you to get a buddy to hold your ladder. 


Three hours in the emergency room and four staples later… Plus I'm guessing one major headache tomorrow. The doctor told me to wake him up a couple of times in the middle of the night. I'm like, "oh we have a baby at home – no problem!"

P.S. This is from getting the lights DOWN from storage. I'm a bit nervous for him to actually put them up now.

13 Replies to “Safety Tip for the Season”

  1. Oh man that is horrible! I hope he is feeling better soon. That must have hurt.

  2. Crikey! Poor Bj. Get well soon!

  3. Oh my gosh! I’d say at this point, forget even putting the lights up! Hope he gets better soon!!!

  4. OUCH! It’d probably be okay to skip the lights this year…go to La Hacienda instead!

  5. omg! that must have been scary! Feel better BJ

  6. OUCH! i hope you feel better soon bj!

  7. GOOD LORD BJ! No wonder the Garrison’s we’re silent on Sunday. Amber is the best ER buddy there is, so I’m sure you were in good hands. Dude be careful!

  8. BJ I’m glad I got to see you “after stitched up”! Perhaps it was the medication but you definitely looked much better! And Amber is the best in an emergency… She remains calm and takes care of things! May the rest of Holiday decorating be Bright and Merry!

  9. Oh no! I hope that heals quickly! Ladder buddies are VERY important…

  10. thank goodness he only needed a few stitches! Emergency rooms are the worst. I hope he feels better soon. Make sure his life insurance is up to date before you let him out to put the lights on the house 🙂

  11. Oh, I’m sorry!! Please let BJ know that I hope he feels better soon, and that I hope he doesn’t have too much of a headache.
    Also, lights only around the porch would look just as beautiful as lights up on the eaves.
    Feel better soon!
    Tina in Marysville.

  12. Oh man.
    That stinks.
    I am showing Justin…he never believes me when I tell him he’s gonna fall off!!!
    Hope he’s feeling better now!

  13. holy crap! and he didn’t even get the lights up…not showing this to kirk, this is his biggest fear!

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