Playing games at parties


Seeing friends


Swinging with friends


Learning to get a bit messy from friends


Showing off teeth




Carrying around a point and shoot I have no idea how to use, which necessitated major editing and black and white conversion.

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  1. Look at all those teeth! I can’t believe just a few months ago you guys were here and two were just starting to poke out! She’s growing so fast–and what a cutie!

  2. Amber, how about taking a picture of Tuesday with her little dresses I bought her so my friends and your relatives can see how darling she looks in them. Love you grandma

  3. We’re lucky you take so many great pictures… It’s fun to see the changes in her! She is quite inquisitive!

  4. Falling in love with those hats all over again. Did I tell you I’m knitting it with some of the green, blue, yellow hand spun you have me? Love all the teeth!

  5. Oh I can’t wait to see that!

  6. I’m on top of it grandma – just waiting for good light!!

  7. Wow, she looks like a different little person with teeth! Just imagine what she will look like with hair! (more hair). Also I LOVE the hat!! Is there a pattern?

  8. Love the teeth photo!!! She is like a dental rock star!

  9. Hahha dental rock star, I want to put that on a tee shirt for her!

  10. great pictures! I really like the dress you made your god-daughter. Glad I finally got my explorer working. When William is better we need to have another park day. Happy sewing!

  11. Thanks, I’ll have to try making some boy clothes, William can be my little model 🙂

  12. such a cute black and white post….

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