Where did the week go?

I’m not sure. But hopefully my weekend will be filled with lots of:


(I’ve managed to cobble together a decent set of “light” scraps for the quilt a long)


Of the brights I still have way to many. Of course I should be working on this long neglected project:


But my new yarn:


And some liberty (pulled apart from a girls XL dress at Target):


Are calling my name. We’ll see what wins out. Any projects on your weekend to do list?

4 Replies to “Where did the week go?”

  1. shoot! i should have thought to look at the liberty clothes for fabric use! smart lady 🙂
    what are you knitting? i love the colors.

  2. It’s a little button up jacket for Tuesday—all in one piece, so easy and fun to knit.

  3. Love the green colours in your started quilt project and new yarn. So fresh for spring.

  4. You are one busy woman! Love all the colors you’re working with!

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