Nature Exchange

Tuesday and I have been having fun collecting for the nature exchange we are participating in.

This little bundle of wonderful nature bits is going to Russia. I printed out a picture like this and labeled where we found everything (again with in two block of our house). I figured it would be nice to compare to when it arrives and is dried out a little. From top left: pine cone from a couple blocks away, holly berries and leaf, moss, bits that fall from trees whenever it’s windy, maple leaf, little thing that drops from our neighbors tree, more moss (it’s wet here!), rosemary (from our herb garden), lavender (from our front yard), little flowers I managed to still find blooming in the yard, leaves, leaves from a blueberry bush and rocks from the Oregon coast, random berries and leaves.

Like I said we’re sending our package to Russia. I have an atlas that I found at an estate sale that is in Russian (I hope!). So I wrapped it up like this:

That is Russian right? I love these mail exchanges and hopefully I can find some more for Tuesday in the future, I’m very excited for her to get our egg carton. Did anyone else participate?

3 Replies to “Nature Exchange”

  1. How fun, and I love the photo of your eggcarton!

  2. I have not heard of this before. Really a fun idea! And a great way to get your little one involved. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your finds look great and I love the map idea. I hope you get your package soon. I will let you know when I find out more!
    Thanks for participating!

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