Ah sweet spring

I’m sure you’ll excuse my absence when you see what I’ve been distracted with: All from my garden. I did have to stretch it a bit to come up with this bouquet for a friend’s birthday; and included budding bits from a bush, branches from our dogwood, a weed and an unfurling fern. Yes new […]


Today. Oh today. I just want to bottle you up and have this feeling to take a sip of whenever I need it. Five hours alone with Bennie this morning (she got up at five, Tuesday at 10:30!). Then a nap for her and cookie making with Tuesday. She ran after the mailman barefoot to […]

Happy Days

I am loving the 100happydays project! I decided to do a photo to represent a happy moment for Bennie, Tuesday and I. My happy moments: 1.Tuesday singing in the car 2. family dance party 3. Mexican food 4. roses for our anniversary 5. Bj brought me home a Pinterest shirt 6. Breakfast pies in the […]