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Oh how good do I feel today?

Ahhhh so good. The guys still have to come in two more times: to grout (Monday) and then seal the tile (a couple of days later), but I am SO OVER THIS CONSTRUCTION THING. Hehehe. And I really needed to get this paper pulled up to preserve my sanity (and also the floors, it can't be that good for it). I think my love for this pecan is pure and true. Remember when I first had it refinished? Ah those were the days. Take a good look at that post because the front of the house is never going to look the same:

Rick – an action shot. We won't have a front door for a while, but who really needs one anyway, right? Our new porch is going up next week, I can't wait to see how it changes the look of the house. That is all that can really be done in this Oregon winter weather (um wet, wet, wet). We'll have to wait until spring then to re-side the house and get the new windows in downstairs (a Bj project).

I have to say despite all my (pregnancy induced) moaning about the remodel I feel so lucky and just insanely grateful to be living in it. This was mid-October, not that long ago really. Such amazing progress. Bj and I go upstairs to bed, wander around, sit in the baby's room, take long hot bath-tubs (well I do, Bj's more of a shower guy), and say to each other, "We are so lucky! We love the remodel so much!" And we do, and it might be a while before we can squirrel away the $348 or whatever the Baby 411 book says to put aside for college a month, but I think baby will really appreciate having a bedroom (and bathroom lucky baby!). Speaking of baby, okay YES I am past my due date. I'd like to point out that this does NOT make me overdue. You have to be past 42 weeks to be over due, I'm not and baby is perfectly happy in my nice warm uterus. Yesterday I felt its little heal for the first time, it was trying to stretch so I sort of grabbed it and pushed, oh the cuteness, it was playing with me! Despite the fact that I go to appointments every week where everything is deemed to be perfect people who have not once asked about my prenatal care are now freaking out that I'm not being induced. To them I say, chill. And um, mind your own business.

Besides I have plenty to keep me busy, like yesterday I made a sewing machine cover, I have been meaning to do that for freaking ever! Pictures to come though, because I have some embellishment ideas first. Also I went through all my pens this morning and thew out the bad ones. Plus I got these back from the cleaners:

The silk drapes for the lower level. I was thinking they were dusty from construction, but when I got them back and they were fully a shade different than the color I brought them in as I think they might have been more than dusty. I'm going to do some touch up paint around the windows and then get Bj to hang them up. And I'm knitting of course. Oh they just started jack-hammering. I'm going to be the most popular girl in the neighborhood!

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  1. i can attest to your love of the pecan floors…
    the first time I met you (at the scrapyard crop) you came in ALL excited about your pecan floors 🙂 and rightly so, they are beautiful!
    that’s so funny you went through your pens…
    i did the same thing last weekend!
    looking forward to seeing your sewing machine cover…
    i need to make one too. maybe you’ll inspire me!

  2. I’m telling you! You hold that baby in there until I arrive…then you BETTER have the baby 🙂 I can’t believe the construction work is just about complete. You’ve survived!

  3. You’re so close! Baby is just around the corner!
    Like you, I didn’t know our baby’s sex until it was born. . .also, like you, I went past my due date. Even then, 7 years ago, induction was happening to everyone else around me – – What? I understand how you feel. Chill, people! Baby comes when baby’s ready.
    I thought, “If I get one more stinkin’ email…” but then again, it was nice because after baby came, we needed help from all those prodding people!

  4. AWESOME for you for keeping that baby in there – its the best place until they’re ready. Our bodies have no idea what a calendar is – they come when they come – and due dates are guesses anyway – right? I was three weeks “late” and my sister was over six weeks “late” although pretty sue that was just a REALLY bad guess as to when she was due… lol Good luck sweets!

  5. That is so much fun to look at all of the work you guys have done!
    I went 3 weeks over with my dd. I got a lot of “oh my! why haven’t they induced you yet?” It was so hard, but so worth it to not get forced into a scary induction.

  6. So glad that the construction team came back to finish things up! It looks like a different house!! Especially without the construction paper on the floor! Phew! I am so happy for you guys! And as always, I wish I was your neighbor. You are so creative I am sure some of it would rub off! 🙂

  7. J decided to make her appearance on the last day of the 42nd week and there was no way my midwife would consider inducing until the beginning of the 43rd week. Baby will be here when he/she is ready! But the waiting stinks.

  8. Your place is going to look so awesome with the new front porch. Nice they’re getting rid of the old steps I know how much you’re looking forward to getting rid of them. As far as baby goes, he/she just isn’t ready yet, It must be very comfortable and warm. We’re all just excited for you and Bj. Just think of the things you’ve been getting done while waiting! You are amazing!

  9. go you on hanging in there and not begging to be induced. I am a firm believer in letting baby come when it wants. I was ready to throw a huge hissy fit and fully planned to refuse being induced AT ALL when it was my time. I do know the difference of being induced vs. letting baby come when BABY is ready. the latter is truly preferable. I can’t wait to see baby pictures, Amber! and I’ve LOVED watching your house remodel, though I’ve been insanely jealous the whole way! 😉

  10. I think you are wise to just let nature take it’s course. My first was two weeks late, my second one was a week late and my third was a week early. I induced myself with my third since she was due on Christmas Day. I wanted to have her earlier and it worked; she arrived on the 19th.
    The remodel is a dream! I am so happy for you, BJ, and your little blessing.
    Love and God bless,

  11. That baby is hanging out until the jackhammer leaves! Good for you to sticking to it & not giving in to a ‘just because’ induction. Our bodies were made for this, they know when the right time is!

  12. I LOVE the “um, mind your own business.” It’s pretty amazing how smart the dumb people of the world think they are sometimes…
    You have a great attitude, and it will all come. And no matter how ready you are beforehand, it’s still an experience! Enjoy it all!

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