Today was much more mellow than the last few, but some how it went by in a flash (so sorry I didn't call you Mary!). I had a dentist appointment and while the hygienist was very kind I could have just used that time to nap, since Tuesday didn't take one until well after four. My mom came to help me with work and tried to get Tutu to nap. But she wasn't having any of it. One of the sleep books I read (and they are all becoming jumbled in my brain right now) talked about a sleep window, and if you miss it basically you're screwed. I'm pretty sure that's what happened to us today.

But she did take one late, and then watched Bj and I shred (it might be getting a touch easier, just a touch). After dinner, which she spent in the Jump Up making the most amazing little sounds, we hung out in my craft den until it was wind down time.

(outfit was a gift from our construction crew 🙂 While Tuesday played (yes with the sharpie, but I was watching her closely) I found myself day dreaming about new projects, even though I have many on the table… literally:
Do you ever do this? Find yourself getting inspiration but no time, or too many things already going? I need some good way to save up the inspiration for the days when I have time, but am lacking ideas. Some kind of journal maybe? Or something more organic and fun like a jar of ideas? Who has some good linkage for something like that? A common question (daily, from Bj); "So when is the bumper going to be done?" It's laid out and I'm loving it, but it comes down to time over and over. And I can knit a few rows on my sweater, but finish work and sewing take a little more brain power than I tend to have in the evening. So I gaze at a vintage quilt and daydream:
About little blocks of goodness.
Faded color combos.
And more things for a little baby who really does seem to appreciate all the things I've made so far.

On a side note. I've been doing the daily blog thing for a week. Who knew I had so much to say? Now I wonder what I let slip by in those days I was too busy or tired. Because I certainly can't remember it all now!

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  1. Love the daily posts…and I totally agree with the sleep window. I miss mine sometimes and it’s over.

  2. Reading about Tuesday and her “sleep” brings back so many memories! It would be so much easier if we didn’t expect so much of ourselves when we have babies and toddlers around. For some reason I expect that I should be able to do everything, including all the creative things that are simmering on the back burner. Hang in there, your little one will eventually sleep. For my first child, none of the books really worked. I liked The No-Cry Sleep Soultion by Elizabeth Pantley the best. But even that didn’t cure his sleeplessness. When he was two I figured a few things out, and then he started sleeping finally. It’s amazing how much brighter life looks when you get some rest. My second child fit better with parenting books of all sorts. She’s a lot easier to categorize. My first child… well, he’s precocious, super intelligent, creative, observant – all things that interfered with him wanting to be asleep. I always had the feeling that he had a hard time turning his brain off. Your little one has a similar look in her eyes. She always seems so alert. I also found out when he was 6 that he has food allergies, so that might have been part of it. OK, I’m kind of rambling, I mostly wanted to encourage you that it will eventually get better, so focus right now on enjoying as much of your life as you can. Try not to expect too much from yourself. You are already doing a lot!

  3. Digging the daily posts!
    Sleep is hard. I tended to follow Dr Sears. We co-slept and it worked quite well for us at night, but in hind sight–Clara would have done better in her own bed after about 6 months. It’s so hard to know what will work for each little one. Hang in there!
    ps. I ordered the shred cuz 5 or 6 friends on facebook are doing it, and now you’re doing it, so decided it was time. I should get it from Amazon by Saturday. If you don’t hear from me, it killed me.

  4. maybe you can finish the bumper on sunday? if miss tuesday doesn’t want to nap, i’d GLADLY sacrifice my crafty time to entertain her while you finished! she’s a doll…i love her!
    i might need to get that shred dvd…to mix it up + for days when i don’t have a gym buddy and don’t want to go alone. nice work on keeping up with it! you’ll have those fantastic new cabinets in no time!

  5. Are you sure Tuesday is a Beavers fan? I think she may like green and yellow better…… 🙂

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