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I've never participated in Corners of My Home before, but today I had that moment of walking by this cabinet like to every day and suddenly I just saw it. I saw it in it's poor neglected, unchanged state and realized that was what I was meant to work on today. Forget about the wonderful project I finally did finish up tonight (and will share with you tomorrow, along with a giveaway). Forget about all the other things I needed to do, this was what I wanted to do. 

This cabinet was super dusty and stale really, from the construction. I don't know if you remember but they had to redo that arch to include additional support. I let things collect in here:


Namely so much mail that I can't close this up. Now I have it paired down to the things I need, including a little leather dish with teething tablets, a small tape measure, rubber bands, etc. I also have an old silver toast holder that has things like my dry cleaner pick up slip (that I forgot about, oops, I could have picked that up over a week ago). Plus I have a little ceramic box that hold an assortment of postcards from my collection for quick notes. Above that shelf:


A replica princess phone. So retro, so suspenseful, who could be on the other line? With out caller ID you'll never know until you pick it up! No, seriously, I love this phone. I love having a land line, and I love pulling the cord out really far and sitting on the big chair and having a long conversations with far away friends. 


Above the phone a few more fun things. Some chalk letters with my (maiden) initials. Old camera parts and a funny metal toy horse that I just had to have from an estate sale. 


Finally some pictures of Tuesday (the house is lacking in pictures of her)! This one, and one of my other favorites is below it, Tuesday wrapped in one of the blankets I knit her. The map frame is something that my friends and I used to do in high school. Buy the cheapest ugliest frames and cover them. I was reminded of it when I changed out the picture. The frame was like a cardboard/plastic mix underneath. Pretty much everything I owned while going to school was decoupaged, right Erin? The little picture is Ceara and I a dozen years ago getting ready for a dance. 


The top shelf has some of my favorite things. An old globe bank, a funny ape figurine I picked out while Sciarrino and I were thrifting and the place lost power so I was shopping by the light of my phone. A picture of Bj at Wall Drug. A very clever picture frame from Coach I got while driving cross country with a friend at an outlet. I love it because what ever you put in you can see both sides of and it doesn't hurt the item at all, little magnets in the corner hold the two pieces of acrylic together. I've never been able to find another one like it. In it I have a vintage postcard.


A cool old fan sits behind two little reminders of my art school days. A pig from my pig photo project sits on top of a small piece of a larger instillation from a friend. 


Now when I make the many trips through the living room into the kitchen (and down to the lower level) I get to pass by this loveliness, so maybe it was necessary after all (and there are a few more pictures on my flickr).

All this organizing/decorating made me what to go through my magazine stash. I pull out what I like and file it all away, I'll have to show you some of the things I have saved some day. I came across this magazine I had been saving because I didn't want to cut into it. 


One of my readers sent it to me from Australia, I can't remember who, but I love it. Anyone interested in a little magazine swap, just me and you? I get lots and I can supplement (who doesn't love an opportunity to browse all the magazines in the bookshop?). I'm thinking a straight across trade for a bundle of idea mags? Home decorating, crafting, gardening, something like that? Anyone (not in north america) interested?

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  1. the phone cabinet is one of my favorite little space in your beautiful home.
    it looks great all spruced + tidied up! and it’s so good to see photos of miss tuesday mixed in!
    (and i’m SO happy you had the arch put back in…i love that too!)

  2. The link I posted, to amazon, used to include a blue colored phone, but now all I see are pink and yellow. That is the correct product though so maybe a search would bring up someone who still sold the blue one?

  3. I’ll do a magazine swap with you. I have cooking mags (Saveur, gourmet, food and wine, cuisine at home, bon appetit, cooking light) and others including sunset, martha stewart living, cloth paper scissors, mothering magazine, and living crafts. I’m located in California.

  4. Amber I think I may have sent that mag to you, not totally sure. But I would be up for a magazine trade as I am a complete magazine junkie myself. The postage between Australia and The States is a killer but if you’re up for it, I am too. : )

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