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Carmen and I always pine that we can not craft together as we live so far apart. She has sent me things she's made and I've made her things and sent them, so I know she is being crafty. Just not with me, boo! While I was at her house she showed me this awesome outfit she made Chloe out of one of her husband's old tee shirts. Of course I snatched it up and said, "I must squeeze Tuesday into this so I can blog about it!"


Is this not adorable?!?! It is a concert tee so check out the back:


The pattern is McCall's 8574 Um, I had Carmen tell me, and wrote it down and everything but now it is lost, boo. Carmen please comment with the pattern number when you get a chance! Carmen made me a couple of these out of plain knit (what the pattern calls for) and then she must have taken a genius pill because she came up with this! Or maybe that's what happens when you're in Alaska and you don't have the crafty resources. Anyway she's clever and I love this.

In completely unrelated news I need plum advice! I went to hang up Tutu's diapers and realized that we have a plum tree! I had forgotten about it when it was being crammed out of our yard by a cedar that we had cut down earlier this year (two were growing too close together with the plum and they were all going to die, I don't take tree cutting lightly). We all went out and picked a bunch tonight. I cleaned them, and now they are sitting on my counter:


only I put tea towels over them. I don't even know how to store them, I just took my best guess. I'm not sure what these type are either, but they are freaking awesome and taste like candy. I want to try and make some baby food for Tutu and freeze it, maybe a plum jam, or a plum sauce on a pork chop (mmm). Ideas, advice? I wish I would have figured this out earlier, they are ripe like, yesterday. And some are bruised, as you can see, from tossing them into the bowls (there are not a lot of low branches). Please give me some advice ASAP! I will send you big kisses!

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  1. I always find great recipes on the food network web site http://www.foodnetwork.com . Just type in plum in the search bar and see what it gives you! I’m sure Paula Deen has some type of recipe with plums and butter. Sorry I wasn’t more help, but I’m sure you can find some good ideas there. I love the t-shirt onesie and that sweet expression on her face. She is just adorable.

  2. My folks have a plum tree & my momma is freaking amazing with all of her mad plum skills. She has a juicer that boils down the fruit & leaves the juice on the bottom & yummy fruit on top & uses both for all sorts of things. I will let her know you are searching for plum ideas.

  3. the expression on tuesdays face is priceless! and that shirt idea is genius!
    i have no experience with plum stuff. i’ll have to look around.
    maybe search allrecipes.com or ball’s website might have some ideas for making freezer jam?
    they look good though! 🙂

  4. Carmen… Sooo Crafty! Love it!
    For the plum recipe try smitten Kitchen and look in desserts. She has amazing recipes!

  5. I’ve made loads of plum jam before by simply using the recipe that comes with the Sure-Jell pectin packets. It works great!

  6. oooh I love plums. I preserve them by boiling them up a bit with a little sugar and bottling them (google for technique, it’s really easy). It’s the end of winter here and we are eating our plums from the summer – the kids love them. I cook them up pips and all and just remove the pips while we’re eating them. Plum jam is always good too.

  7. The easiest way for plums for babyfood is to bake them. Set your oven to 400 and fill a large baking dish with about an inch of water. Cut the plums down the center and pit them. Put them face down into the water and bake until the skins are wrinkled. Then you can either deskin them or not, puree and freeze in ice cube trays. They are great for sweetening up chicken or other meat dishes, serving with cottage cheese or on whole wheat toast. Have fun!

  8. SORRY it took me so long! Everytime I remeber about the pattern Chloe is sleeping! For the time being my sewing room is also known as her bedroom! I tiptoed in there today: The pattern is McCall’s 8574. Any pattern would work. If I did it again I would probably make one of the dresses, or extend the body length because I found that Chloe is too long to fit the normal pattern. Also for slender babies like Tuesday the neckline is a bit wide for my taste. It sure looks cute on Tuesday though–wide neckline and all!

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