Baby Shower in a Box

The happiest of happy mail probably.
One of my oldest and dearest friends lives in Vermont. She is almost 8 months pregnant and too far away for my taste. We did always say we were going to live next to each other when we had kids, oh how things change. Good thing cell phones and free long distance came along. A few weeks ago my mom was watching Tuesday when I went for a haircut. I took the opportunity when I got back in the car (which was parked in a nice sunny spot) to ring up Ceara (fyi as you read this you say it like “kira”). Over an hour later I got moving. I hope you have a friend like that. One you can just talk and listen to. It’s a beautiful thing.
Ceara, of course, attracts wonderful friends to her where ever she may be so I wasn’t surprised that one jumped at the chance to throw her a perfect party. I wasn’t sure if I would get all the projects done I had planned, but really my pride was on the line after the last big thing I made her took FIVE YEARS. Yikes. I was a bit over my head with that one really though. Anyway I loved putting together this package. I went with her school colors (NOT MINE) yellow and green. I know I copied you on this Nora, but can’t find the link. It was totally Nora’s idea though:
So easy to do with the scraps and herringbone ribbon from my shop (this natural twill would also work great).
Do you want to know what was in the package? On top (that her friend put in a bag for me) was lots of little fun stuff like a shirt predicting her child’s future. Sarah and I found that shopping in Corvallis. The example in the store was “professional bowler”, which I found funny. She got “generous tipper” which I find a bit weird… the baby doesn’t have to wear it Ceara! Bj passed along his favorite baby book to Grant, and I filled the rest of the stuff with baby nose spray, lap pads, teething tablets, and stuff like that. I made her baby a little hat:
The yarn and book (from which I got this dead easy pattern) are both from my friend’s awesome new yarn shop here in town. My friend who happens to be my next door neighbor. I will be reporting about this awesome new wonderfulness soon. Can I just say that with Ceara’s lovely skin, and her husband’s even darker lovely skin that their probably edible looking creamy chocolate colored baby is going to look fabulous in this! I might have to eat it. Mmmm baby head in wool….
Now the big thing I did not get to choose the colors of. You may remember that I briefly mentioned when I visited Ceara that we picked out some fabric for a baby quilt. It had to match the room. And to be really nice I made it look great with all the Duck gear I’m sure they will have around. 🙂
And can I just say… I really love it! I think I might be unusually prejudice against yellow and green since I was raised to be a Beaver, but I might be loosening my stance a bit (ok a lot, I could have kept this). I designed it a few weeks before (ugh nothing like waiting until the last minute Amber!)
To include some big blogs with the little ones to give it more interest and highlight some of Ceara’s (and my) favorite prints. The back I also pieced:
With a little embroidery square:
I basted with quilting safety pins so I put a whole bunch around this area so I would quilt over it… then I quilted over a pin:
That I tried to remove which led to me BLEEDING ON THE QUILT. I got it out though, but not the safety pin with out a little damage to the stitches. You know what though? Here is another wonderful quality of Ceara’s: she won’t care. And I know this because if I didn’t blog about it I bet she wouldn’t notice. Not because she doesn’t notice things, but because she is not a crafter. I’m not being mean saying it. Her hobby is music, mine is craft. Yes, one of my best buddies does not craft, can you believe it? Anyway.
I all over free motion quilted it…
And did a sort of loopy-d-loo boarder with variegated yellow thread in TWO HOURS on my awesome machine that I love oh so much. It’s a bit wonky and totally random but I love it, it was so fun and I want to quilt fifty more things right now to practice and get better (don’t remind me about those UFOs…). Oh and I did a scrappy non-biased binding. I love this, and will do it again (got the idea from the now defunct blog Crazy Mom Quilts – still up with lots of tutorials archived).
Tuesday loved it too. The matching was accidental… though to be fair she is in green an average of four times a week. I had so much fun coming up with this quilt. I have been reading lots of “modern” quilting blogs and there is so much good info out there. Very inspirational.
Of course I couldn’t wait to see how this was received. Ceara loved it! She called me tonight and it’s hanging over the baby’s crib, awe…. I was like, “good, now I can blog about it.” So I did. Goodnight!

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  1. the quilt you made for ‘baby w’ is absolutely gorgeous. stunning.
    i’d like to put my order in now for ‘baby douglas’ who is still a far-off dream, but i would love the quilt just the same!! 🙂
    beautiful work, amber!!

  2. I was there to witness all of the Oooo’s and Ahhhhh’s when Ceara opened your packages. It was all beautiful and incredibly thoughtful! I too can not wait to see Baby W in that adorable hat 🙂 You definately won the “Best Gifts of the Shower Award”!

  3. generous tipper? that’s bizarre! i wish we could have opened it and picked a good one 🙁
    and that quilt. i LOVE that quilt! it turned out so wonderful!

  4. oh my.
    what an amazing quilt.
    and what a lucky friend 🙂
    (ive been following ceara’s blog via you… so i feel like im part of the group 😉

  5. WHAT?!?! You bled on my quilt?! Lol, you’re right, I don’t care and no, I didn’t even notice. You know why? Because the quilt is so amazingly awesome with such great detail–who cares! Maybe that just goes to show how much blood, sweat and (hopefully no) tears went into making it 🙂 And yes, chocolate baby head in wool? Lol. Yummy! I’m so lucky to have someone like you as a friend, Amber. Not only are you so thoughtful, but you put together the best gifts of anyone I know!

  6. Beautiful, you’re going to have to give me some pointers on free motion quilting. I’ve only done a little bit, but I loved it! Lucky you Ceara!

  7. No tears, but plenty of sweat at the thought that I might not finish it on time! I did get the blood out. It helps that I used actual nice fabric this time, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart like the other one probably will (don’t worry free fixing for life 🙂 I love you – glad you are feeling better!

  8. what a gorgeous quilt!
    You rock….and if I ever become brave enough to quilt, I’m going to light up your email! I will so be picking your brain.
    good job!

  9. Oh aren’t you smart using the ribbon on the back…I never thought of that and mine was tricky to keep from flipping around.
    Sean would love the quilt since any combo of green and yellow is of utmost importance to him…I sent him a link to it so he could see what his middle name/birthday buddy created.

  10. Oh my goodness! I love….no….LOVE! that quilt!!! It’s so gorgeous! You did a fantastic job with the colors and putting it together. I so super love the yellow and green! I’ve never made a quilt (yet) but now I really want to!

  11. The quilt is soooo nice! What a great friend you are. Sad to say, I have fabrics in my stash that were bought with the intention of making a quilt someday for my long-time childhood friend. (I was able to make two quilts in my days of being pregnant with #1 then #2 and had high hopes of making more… Her “baby” is now 4 years old!)
    And wonderful sketch on letterhead graph! I can relate to that, too! Great work. Great pictures. Thanks so much for showing.

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