Scrapbooking real life

I’m busy tying up loose ends to get ready to play along with Ali’s Week in the Life scrapbooking project that starts tomorrow (there is also a flickr group). If you haven’t heard of this project, check it out here. Basically it’s documenting all the “other” stuff that you may miss. Not events, or special occasions, not trips or birthdays, but everyday happenings. What you look like NOW, what you are doing NOW, what you are eating, playing with, listening to NOW. I’m so excited! The last round of this was in fall of 2008. I only lasted one or two days, but because of it I have some of the last pictures we ever took of grandpa, so I think even if you are on the fence to try it. The worst thing that could happen would be an extra pile of pictures you can tell your stories with!
Speaking of piles of photos, one of the things I did to get mentally cleaned up for the week was to order my first quarter 2010 prints from Shutterfly. I read an interesting blog article about the importance of prints that I agree with. I love having them to go through, and when I do end up with a few to toss down the road I think it’s worth it to have physical prints to go to when ever I want, or when ever Tuesday wants. I’ll be all caught up on getting prints up to this week so I can get next weeks printed right away with out guilt.
Of course preparing for the week made me go through my supplies and that made me want to play with them! These are the layouts that resulted.
Journaling (and photo) taken from this post.
(it took longer for me to figure out how to add a black border to the picture of this layout than the layout!!! I found an easy guide here, after wasting about an hour of Sciarrino’s time 🙂
I watch/read/listen to Pride and Prejudice way way too often.
(embellishment from the stash I made last time I scrapbooked). Not sure if this needs something else…
I think I’m getting better at taking picture of my layouts. I stood over them tonight as the sun was setting (thank for going to bed early Tutu!):
It was much easier for me. I’m still thinking that I might want to just use a little easel, thoughts?
In other getting mentally clutter free I did some blog house keeping stuff. The dailies are all updated (hey! was no one going to tell me I’ve had that spelled wrong for three years?!?!?!). I have a new Amber Loves List and I’ve updated the Reading list (can’t figure out how to link to them, they’re on my sidebar).
One more thing I wanted to ask, on behalf of Erin, is if anyone has themselves, or a friend, who has gone at least five years with out a teeth cleaning? She is going through (almost done with) dental hygenic school (is this what it’s called?) and needs some patients for her final test things (technically not what they are called I’m sure). The cost is very small and it is in Eugene. You can comment, go to Erin’s blog, or email me if you like.
Also after all this scrapbooking stuff I really am going to set up that swap! I think I’ll wait until this week is over, we’ll see. I might just photo blog this coming week since I’m sure I’ll be in inspiration/photo/story overload.

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  1. 1. Your layouts look great
    2. Oops, I did notice that was misspelled a long time ago.
    3. I love the dailies, keep them up!
    4. I think those are forget me nots maybe? (Oregon Gardens photo)
    5. Your wedding dress is gorgeous and I think this every time I see it.
    6. Thanks for the shout out. 5 + years without cleaning, poor home care, no smokers please (soooo hard to get their teeth clean, I think the tar must incorporate in somehow)
    7. It’s called dental hygiene school.
    8. T minus 8 weeks until I have a life again!

  2. You are so sweet to link to my blog, thank you! I did reply to you on there but it is not like FB, no way to know unless you look back (not my fave thing about blogs…). I was thinking maybe you could do a blurb book of your blog like 1 book per year instead of all of it at once? Or my topic, like a book of all wedding posts, a book of all cottage posts, a book of Tutu’s first year? I lost a blog I had for years when the site went down so I understand not wanting to lose it!

  3. Oh on the LO you think maybe needs something — I am not an art major like some people *coughcough* but I would do a frame around the elements. I am thinking a thin black pen line hand drawn? To ground the elements. I like that look. Just a thought.

  4. I tried to do it year by year, but formatting was a nightmare because they automatically put every post on a page (or more) even if it was a short one or pictures only. You can move them around but it was way too time consuming for me. I think I need to look into it a bit more. Yearly volumes are what I want.

  5. My husband is having surgery next week – so I am taking some time off, hopefully to just be a movie fetcher-snack getter – but I am gathering my scrapbook supplies to do some serious catch up – thanks for the extra shot of motivation! And swap – yes, please. anything you do is like magic. I don’t care if I sound corny – you’re a neat lady! 🙂 Maybe I need to step away from the 1000 Awesome Things book – nope, I need to revel in the sweetness dontcha think?

  6. Well you have the photo, just bring it into Illustrator or PS, and draw the line on the photo, see if you like it before you do the real thing!

  7. hmmm I have worked in book production for over 8 years and this is intriguing me. I went and looked at their site and software and could not find the answer so I emailed them a question on how to do that. I will report back!
    If there was a way to export your blog from the typepad site or interface, you could possibly flow it into InDesign and make your own PDF of it… then you could make 2 crafty covers and take it all to Kinkos and have them use a bind-it-all. Sadly I do not know enough about how Typepad works to figure it out.
    But I want to look into this with my livejournal too so I may figure it out yet.

  8. Awe you are so sweet Stacey! I hope the surgery goes well, and that you have some time to keep up the creative streak (I’m loving the blocks!). Revel in the sweetness indeed!

  9. i love these pages amber! that first photo you posted of tuesday is so sweet. such a beautiful girl. and that last one from your wedding day? i say it’s perfect as is. and i totally agree with erin, your dress was gorgeous!
    yes! lets get a swap going after this week in the life project is over!

  10. What is the box you use to take photos of your layouts? Is it one you made? It’s hard to tell how big the sides are on it. I have also been trying to get better pictures of my layouts and haven’t had luck. I bought some foam board today to experiment with that but I am wondering if I should buy more to make a box out of it. Hmmm.

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