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Apparently I’ve gotten a little too wordy, at least with my swap post. So here I temp you to join mostly with photos.
Sarah and I had an embellishment making get together that was so much fun! We brought together all our punches, flowers, scraps, doo dads and went to town.
First we got inky and messy with my stamps. I want to go through my photos and make a list of titles and words to stamp and do them all at once like this. I like the idea of having a stock pile of stamped journaling blocks too.
Some of Sarah’s embellishments. Go to her blog for details, including how her sweet mom made us those tiny crocheted hearts!
And some of mine. The two cards accidentally got some glimmer mist on them. Mmmm I was late to the glimmer mist game, but now, watch out!
And I was going to post this last night, but got distracted by all the fun supplies out, so I scrapped instead:
I got a tiny attacher and I am in love with it (used on the heart). Also I totally forgot I had that quickutz punch to make these: { } (what are those called?). I love them! The title is cut out of an old grammar flip book (a big one).
Sarah brought over an old children’s dictionary that the swing page is from.
Wait what does this all have to do with the swap? Well we were thinking that making embellishments might be a fun little thing to put in your packages. I know I could have stolen all of the ones Sarah made! So don’t forget to sign up, because the last day to do so is Sunday the 23rd. Details on this post.
A couple of unrelated things: does this font look super tiny to you? I think I screwed something up on my computer, at least I’m hoping it’s just my computer, and not the blog in general.
Have any of you with young ones traveled alone with out your significant other, just with your children? When you came back did they have any significant other fear? Tuesday is acting crazy around Bj and I think it might be because she is mad they were apart for so long. While we were in Vermont she listened to him talk and put her head on my chest and was at peace, but now that we are home she doesn’t want to cuddle with him like usual. It’s breaking my heart! Ideas, thoughts?

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  1. My G went through a phase where she didn’t want her daddy, didn’t want him to kiss her, hold her, etc. I think there is a “mommy attachment” phase, and it can sometimes last a while. We just didn’t make a big deal of it at all and she came around. Same thing with my son. I don’t know why, but it does go away!!

  2. i love those pages! love how you used the dictionary page! i really wanted to scrap this afternoon…but my sciatic is killing me, no way i could sit to scrap 🙁 hopefully tomorrow because i was so inspired after our fun embellishment day.
    and i need a tiny attacher now too. that thing is adorable and fun!

  3. Your pages look great! I can’t beleive all that you are doing! Tuesday is going to love these someday! There is something special about actually printing off photos and using them. I guess it is just more official. That stranger danger phase is not fun….Chloe has been doing that off an on for the last few months, and Andrew didn’t even go anywhere. Everyone says it is a phase, I will go with that too.

  4. Those are adorable!!
    And I wanted to point out that Miri has all of the finger puppet books by Lorena Siminovich that posted over on the right. I’m a bit obsessed…I LOVE her! 😉

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