Love these little things

Oh man you guys. Guess who got to stay up until FIVE AM this morning? Me! I know sometimes I really shouldn’t stay up working, but I was on a roll. If I’m on a roll with Quickbooks I make myself finish because I loath that part of my job so so much. I stayed up until one to finish. Only to get upstairs and realize that Bj had been rocking Tuesday for an hour already (and he had early morning calls). So I was with her (besides a 45 minute break—thank you papa!) until 5:03 when she finally caved. Needless to say I’m tired today.

There was a little sun (after snow and ran since this is Oregon) and I spent it organizing my cardstock stash. I decided I didn’t need to keep the 200 sheets or so of weird colors I had accumulated early in my scrapbooking antics when I bought sets instead of sheets (I de-stashed about 35 sheets of peach alone). Now that I have a daughter who will happily cut it up (with help), draw on it, or cover it in stickers I figured I could get it out of my stash and make it easier to pull the colors I love.


I took this photo after I finished (and was out of daylight) with my phone. Pure happiness for me. It’s tucked away and I hope I can dig into it again soon; after I finish up year end business stuff.

Isn’t it funny how little things like this can make you feel zen. Do you do anything like this (organizing something little and really unimportant compared to all the stuff you have to do)?

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  1. You are crazy. 😉
    LOVE the photo.
    I’m a sucker for any kind of rainbow…or any kind of paper, for that matter!

  2. Yep! Did it with all of my seeds yesterday 🙂

  3. looks fantastic. love the rainbow order 🙂

  4. I just found you… I was looking for info from someone that had made the Amy Butler Nappy Bag, and there you were:-) I’m enjoying checking out your blog and noticed that you’re in Oregon: Me too!
    So, this is my hello and my it’s-nice-to-meet-you post:-)

  5. Hi, and nice to meet you! I still use that nappy bag all the time, it’s held up great!

  6. I did it again last night. Tuesday slept, but I still stayed up until one. I guess I just don’t learn my lesson!

  7. I think I’m giving you the job to put “things” in Rainbow order tomorrow ; )!

  8. That’s my favorite job!

  9. 5 am?!!?? That makes me feel a little nuts just thinking about it!

  10. You should do a top faves post of all of your favorite scrapbooking supplies.

    like, top cardstock colors (and where you get them) and patterned paper manufactures

    top scrapbooking tools

    top scrapbooking embellishments…etc.

    I am totally enthralled at your scrapbooking style. I would love to know more about your process and design choices 🙂

    pretty please?

  11. Yes, Andrea, that’s a great idea. I’ll work on a post like that. I did do one about my process here:—step-by-step.html
    but never one about my favorite supplies.

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