It’s not about the sewing

This weekend I had a much MUCH needed sewing day at my friend Kristen’s home.

And I actually did get a lot done (that’s the beginning of my entry into the second project modern challenge). But after a long and challenging week (Mostly sleep wise. As in, I’m not getting any because someone is waking up SIX times a night) this was so needed. Not the sewing as much as the girl talk. The laughing.

Machines chugging along, seam rippers always at the ready. Sciarrino just took one to this:

With great results (I’m sure she’ll share soon). I know not everyone understands or enjoys crafts and traditional women’s work. I think there is something liberating about it now that it can be done just for fun, instead of necessity (luckily for most I know). The thing about it being necessary back in the day was that almost all women did it. They had to. Now that is not the case, so it’s easy to feel alone in a little craft bubble. Maybe you tell someone you spent hours spinning a skein of yarn and they look at you like, “um, you can buy that made… and out of washable acrylic too!” They don’t understand. These girls, all my craft buddies (and most of you I’m guessing) get it. They get the community aspect of it, the fun, the freedom of a thread, glue, yarn, fiber, paper.
And we laugh and eat, and eat, and sew, and eat, and laugh. And it’s quite fabulous really.

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  1. This looks like the Best.Day.Ever! I’ve been thinking about trying to find a “sewing club” type of thing… just a place to get away and create. I get to sew quite a bit, but I can always hear the little one downstairs and if she asks where I am it just rips my mind away from the fun stuff I’m working on.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from with getting NO sleep. Our little one, who is almost two, still wakes up at night. Sometimes only once, but for two or three hours, and sometimes several times for ten or fifteen minutes. I think I can count the number of times she has slept all night on both hands since she was born. So as of last night we decided to let her cry it out. This is what her Pediatrician recommended. Wish us luck as we try to break this habit. And yes, it is so nice to get that well needed girl time every now and then. Hope this is a better week for you and Tuesday.

  3. Lindsey, I can NOT get anything done when we have these days in our home and my daughter is there. Even though she’s hanging out with my husband she has to see what is going on and it leads to minimal crafting 🙂 Good thing she’s cute.
    Julia-Good luck, hoping you find something that works for you. Out of no where my daughter slept through the night last night (though it did take me three hours to get her down). Who knows?!?!

  4. I love seeing her wall of goodness. 😉 I remember it from another post. I think as a new feature on your blog you should do scenes from your house and other cool houses. I like those kinds of posts!

  5. I completely understand this. I’ve had scrapbook friends for awhile, but I just found out this school year that two other teachers that I work with like to sew and it’s so nice to have that bond. Just tonight actually two of us got together and spent the evening cutting quilt blocks!

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