Sewing on layouts

I know, it’s all about scrapbooking this week. Since I had all my supplies out from being toted to Portland I just kept on scrapping. I won’t be scrapping tonight though because it’s my 4th anniversary! Can’t believe how time flies. Just look at this munchkin.

This one wasn’t coming together as a 12×12 so I chopped it down. I love how Lisa Truesdell uses paper along the edges of her layouts so I thought I’d give it a try. She makes it look easy, I kept messing around with placement and papers. It was fun to try though and I like the result.

I hadn’t planned to stitch on this one, but a mini scrapper I know was pretty insistent, so I went with it. I save blunt needles in an old machine needle case so I have them for paper projects when ever I need them. Try not to use the same needle for fabric and paper, it will dull them very quickly.

I copied this pattern paper strip idea from Sarah (and she said she copied it from someone else).I need to go back and re stamp the date on that tab sticker, I didn’t use a permanent ink and it came right off. Tuesday sewed the lines on the top and bottom of the page, with a little help of course.
The funny thing is the reason I was sold on that feature of the machine (using buttons to start/stop vs. the presser foot) was because the saleslady told me it would be a good way to sew with out little kids interfering. Hahahah!!!

Now I guess none of my supplies are safe from tiny hands!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet, sweet video of you and Tuesday sewing together. She is precious.

  2. that’s weird that the sales lady said that about the machine. i would think the opposite. pushing a button is way easier than a presser foot.
    anyway. LOVE the video. she’s such a good craft helper! and happy anniversary to you and BJ!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I started following your blog before you got married… whoa! I just learned how to sew (that’s me with my first pillow): My son is so interested in my sewing machine too. I think he understands how it works better than me.

  4. Happy Anniversary. I have to say…I can’t believe it’s only been four years, it seems like forever! 😉
    Love your layouts. I really like to sew on my layouts, but I rarely take the time to do it!!

  5. Thanks Agnes! I know, I have been reading some blogs whose writers were childless and now have three children, yikes! Time flies! I love your first pillow, great fabric choice, what is it?

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