The twin bed

Tuesday is very proud of her big giant TWIN sized bed. I had picked out some fabric thinking we would just use her crib mattress for a while, but that didn’t work out. I wanted to use the same fabric so I just got a coordinating sheet at Target for the back of this duvet cover.

It’s hard to see in this picture but the sheet set came with a ruffled pillowcase, it’s so sweet. The green pillow was the one we made with Karen and her girls using this tutorial (it’s a great easy one first time sewers!). To piece the top of the duvet with out an obvious seem I used a tutorial from a fellow Portland Modern Quilt Guild member, Elizabeth. I used a fusible web instead of glue though.

It worked really well, and I’m super happy with how this turned out. Now I’m feeling a bit twitchy to make something for the new baby!

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  1. Great bed! I bet having some place so cozy to retreat to helps with the wonderful sleeping she’s been doing too 🙂 And yes, make something for the new baby… you know I’m hoping you have a boy this time, right? 😉

  2. I love the big girl bed! The duvet cover and sheet set are both so pretty! Oh, I wish I could could sew. I cannot wait to see what you make for the new baby! We bought a twin sized bed for Charlotte last week and made it so pretty for her. Now if I could only get her to sleep in it!

  3. Julia,
    Hehehehe, This is like our third attempt at a “big” bed really. We tried taking the sides off the convertible crib, no dice. Then we put the crib mattress on the floor, still nothing. This switch, with the stars, seemed to do the trick! She’ll get there!

  4. Ceara,
    Why does everyone want me to have a boy?!?!? They scare me….

  5. Oh my goodness! I’ve been trying to decide on a big kid bed for my three year old but couldn’t find one I liked. I want a white or a brightly colored bed that wasn’t too girly and am having a hard time finding one that isn’t too expensive. Also, I wasn’t sure if I should get a toddler bed or just buy a twin. We’re going to have him share a room with the new baby and I know farther down the line it’s going to bother me if I can’t get another bed to match the first. (hooray OCD)

    Right now, he’s sleeping on his crib mattress on the floor. It NEVER OCCURRED to me to do the same thing with a twin mattress and just skip the bed!!! Duh! I am so glad you posted this because I do believe it’s the solution to my problem. Thank you!

  6. that seaming trick is so cool! you totally can’t tell it’s pieced looking at it in person.

  7. Boys are great! 🙂 But so are girls, so whatever…just have another sweet little thing 🙂

    Comforter looks great!

  8. So funny, I have future plans for the room too, like maybe a loft thing someday. But I don’t really know how things are going to work with two kids in there, so this just seemed the easiest. Plus I figured the risk of her hurting herself from roll off was much less!

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