Happy Birthday!

Did you think I meant a little baby? Hehehe, nope. But I have been doing a lot of pre-baby prep that has nothing to do with baby. Like stock piling cards. I made a bunch of my new go-to thank you cards, and decided to whip up some birthday cards too. My computer is, sadly, in pieces, so I’m typing this up on my little presentation laptop I use with clients and I’m not too sure of colors so if things look wacky, well, you’ve been warned.

I am loving this glitter paper from American Crafts, called POW! It is super thin and easy to punch and Tuesday and I totally fought over this blue piece when we were scrapbooking together. I caved and gave her a chunk of it because it doesn’t shed glitter at all and is actually thin enough for her to cut (she has a mini trimmer in her “stash” and a pair of safety scissors). Did I mention that I gave up a drawer in my craft room so she could have her own stash. I am the nicest mom EVER.

Also I found this easel in Grandpa’s stuff when we were getting ready for the garage sale. It’s so cute and little and I totally love it. I wonder why he had it?

The labels are from Martha’s line at Staples (thanks Sarah!), which I ran through my typewriter. My desk looks totally old school with a massive typewriter sitting there instead of a computer. I am actually getting a lot done with out it though. Like some actual layouts (these were the scraps). I do wish I had it to get caught up on Project Life though. I’m afraid if I don’t before the baby I am in trouble.

Do you stock pile cards, or other handmade things? I love doing this because it’s so much easier to get things done all at once rather than pulling out all your supplies for one card.

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  1. Ah Amber, again you are amazing! To answer your question: No I do not stockpile cards, but I always mean to! Glad you are stocking up on everything! I bet you will have more time at first than you think. Babies sleep a lot in the beginning—-unless you name them Tuesday Garrison……..

  2. These are awesome! And way to go on planning ahead and stocking up! No, I do not stockpile cards, but I should. The little easel is just darling…great find!

  3. my stockpile is currently empty… i need to make a bunch of those heart cards like we’ve made before. these birthday cards are great – i love those glitter hearts too! (and how cute is grandpa’s little easel!?!)

  4. um? what the heck happened with double comment?! yikes…

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