Twilight Zone

OMG OMGCelebrities are real and my friends are having encounters!! →Kristin, friend and fellow bridesmaid to Ceara was in Las Vegas riding the elevator when who should get in but Paula Abdul! For real, and she did what any sane person would do and stayed on until Paula got off for full effect. →Sciarrino JUST […]


If you haven’t checked out craigslist, then you totally should. More and more cities have been added. You can get tons of cool stuff, meet people, find a job. But the best thing has to be "best of craigslist." People nominate the listings and they are usually hilarious. Here are two of my personal favs: […]

Annual Portrait

onmanIt’s true, I’m such a snob that I get an annual portrait. Well wait, it’s at the fair and in a photo booth, so it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s quite fun! I don’t really look like I’m getting that much older, hmm. But I am. I’m 25! Yeah me! I’m a whole quarter […]

Tequila Sunrise

No longer will they be called rainbow sails. My dad informs me this is Tequila Sunrise. I found out more about how my dad got the boat this weekend. He went on one ONCE and then decided it would be cool to get one. This was 1978 and it was his first big investment. He […]